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  1. I’ve looked it doesn’t tell you how to tighten the inner presser foot. thanks though
  2. Thanks for your replies. I think the inner presser foot is the problem. It doesn’t feel secure it rotates slightly and it looks too high when the needle is in its lowest position. How do I adjust to make it secure? I know it would be better to get someone out to sort it but it’s easier said than done with current restrictions. thank you everyone
  3. Hi everyone hope someone can help. I have a jack H2 walking foot machine. It is very similar to a juki 1181. It has just recently started making a knocking noise. This is caused by the outer presser foot banging onto the feed dogs. I’ve not changed anything on the machine only adjusted the pressure nuts on the top of the machine. Shall I lower the feed dogs slightly or try to lift the outer presser foot? jack instruction manuals are worse than useless. thank you
  4. Thanks for that. I think you’re right if it could be fixed he would have fixed it himself but he is a bit clueless. If I buy the machine if there is a problem do you think I could get it repaired? I can’t find the exact model instruction manual and the threading combo loos a bit different
  5. Hi guys really need some help. I’ve been offered a seiko LSC 8BHC for £400 with a servo motor. The guy who’s selling it has no idea about sewing machines I have no idea why he bought it. He changed out the clutch for a servo and cleaned the machine. Now the bobbin thread is just bunching up under the fabric. I’ve looked for a manual online but can’t find one. Apparently it’s got a thread trimmer? How does this work? Could the bobbin thread problem just be a tension problem or could it be more serious? Really need some advice before I buy this. I’m a bag maker so a cylinder arm would be great.
  6. Do all compound feeds have timing belts?
  7. Thanks for all the replies. The supplier sent me some pics and he has taken all the badges off and repainted the machine so I don’t suppose you get a true impression of the work it’s done. It is fitted with a servo motor
  8. The jack has a direct drive motor so I’m not sure how good these are? The Seiko comes with a 3month warranty and the jack has a 12 month warranty. The Seiko supplier is going to send me some pics and video sewing different thickness fabric. I’m still undecided but maybe after seeing the Seiko I may go for the new machine.
  9. Hi everyone I’m looking into buying a heavy duty industrial machine. I make bags and find that my good old vintage singer is pretty good at a few layers but can struggle a little. I’m in the U.K. and have been looking at the jack Direct drive walking foot machine it around £600 new. But I have seen the seiko STW 8B reconditioned for £500. I can’t find much information about the seiko. I mentioned the jack machine to the seiko supplier and he’s said they can be temperamental. Would the seiko be a better investment? Would really appreciate a little guidance as the industrial sector is totally new to me. A lot of bag makers recommend the juki 1181 or the 1541 but they are a bit out of my price range. thank you marie xx
  10. Would the bernina 850 sew layers? Cant find much info Thanks
  11. Thanks Mike. That's what I was worried about. Looks rather cool tho . won't be buying it then xx
  12. Does anyone have any info on this machine? Can't find much online. Thanks everyone xx
  13. Thank you so much everyone. Great advice. I think I may need to buy new some of the old machines look a little rough Does anyone know what these are like? Singer 457g not sure if its walking foot? It's got a strange rotary take up Thanks guys xxx
  14. Hi everyone Bit of advice needed please. I've started making bags using light leather and also cotton fabric and interfacing. I use a singer 201k but the old girl isn't really the right thing to use. I would like a vintage machine still but preferably not a huge industrial. I dont need to go fast just need something for the layers. Is there a smallish vintage machine that is up to the job?
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