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  1. Thanks. Then I will remove my post also. Been wondering what it was for
  2. Fixed. Was adjustment of the no 6,78 in fig c in my 2nd post. Anyone know what this part is? Located on the backside of the machine
  3. Anyone have an idea of why the reverse lever moves like that? Is it suppose to do that.?
  4. Will take a pic of the underside later tonight when I'm off work
  5. Ooh. I read 7mm per stitch but that might been the 165. 166 is 5mm like you say
  6. Also this part on my machine. No 8 is turned 90 degrees counterclockwise compared to the pic in the manual
  7. Newbie here. I have a Singer 211g266 which I can't seem to get the stitchlength to be longer than 4-5mm. Anyone can point me in the right directions to adjust it? Have read the manual available on supsew. Adjusted the needle bar rock frame and the synchronous feeding. Hook timing seems right, timing belt is aligned. Just read about the adjustment of the eccentrics, does that alter the stitchlength.? Thanks in advance
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