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  1. H. Strange/Andrew’s video recommends using a stitching line 3/16” along the top of the slide. My sights are 1/2” tall. Will the bow of the leather be sufficient to avoid interference with the stitching line at 3/16” or is a greater 1/2” distance required?
  2. I found the videos. I had a bit of an OCD moment, Sam Andrews did the video with Hank Strange. It’s a great video and a method I’m going to use. I’ve also included a link to the Adams one. https://youtu.be/5PdKDmcmu8k https://youtu.be/I6ShnrHUjas In regards to the suede discussion which I’m having trouble quoting on my mobile device... wouldn’t the meat side of the leather be considered suede? So if we use no liner, it is effectually suede lined, and running the risk of capturing dirt grit etc.? Thanks for your guidance
  3. Which one is Sam Adams? I’m finding plenty of beer and what’s not beer is Adams Leather. Thanks I have some border line recommended thin enough leather- but it’s that cheaper stuff with an alligator/snake print pressed in it. Would this texture negate the benefits of a lined holster?
  4. This is a self-taught YouTube assisted, when the little kids are preoccupied endeavor. No nearby buddies. The only leather store I know of around Pittsburgh is Tandy, and they’re on the other side, 1+ hour away. It’s worth it to pay the shipping costs. I saw a Weaver video saying if I pre-bend the holster for leather layers over 4oz then I can use heavyweight veg leathers. Is this feasible?
  5. I’ve read to use veg tanned for holster liners. Is this a do not deviate instruction? I already have some super soft supple deer skin but I doubt it’s veg tanned. I don’t currently have any light weight veg tan to use as a liner. I just got a cz shadow 2, holsters aren’t super common for this one.
  6. Inside. Sized for 30-06. unwaxed linen thread. 4mm stitching punch. Edge bevel #2
  7. After seeing MarkCDub’s “Stitching chisel case” thread I put this together with dry old scraps (it’s anybody’s guess where the paint comes from...). The leather is downright dry, and needs a heavy treatment of something. The edges were slicked with saddle soap. What do you guys recommend use to treat leather that won’t damage the rifle brass through prolonged exposure? In the future I might plan ahead a little better and slick the belt loops before sewing, and installing a Sam Browne stud instead of the loop and button.
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