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  1. How I get glass edges is.... 180,220,320,400,600,800,1000,1500, 2k, 2.5k sanding. You need to use a hard block, not your fingers. For something bifold size, you will need to change the sand paper halfway though it. For a duffle, you could go through a 9x11 sheet of each grit. Then edge it. Don't edge before sanding. Don't edge the inner layers, they will be sanded down. If you edge them, you will have seams unless you sand down ALOT. Then burnish with Tokonole with canvas. It'll be glass at this point. If there are imperfections, resand. Choose grit by imperfection type. If it's a seam, you need to start back at 180 or 220. Then Columbus wax with some heat or iron and canvas again to work in the wax. This is the best way to get seam free, glass edges. What some people call a glass edge differs. Some don't mind seams. Some just want shiny. If you want perfect edges, it takes work.
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