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  1. Nice find! Enjoy going through shops like this never know what kind of treasure's you will find.
  2. Very practical items you will get a lot of good out of. Doesn't get much better than that.
  3. Those look very nice! Just don't lose It outside might be tough to find.
  4. Thanks for posting this going to check it out.
  5. Good topic! My brother has been after me to make him a new ankle holster.Gonna have to give it a try.
  6. Looks like a beautiful serviceable rig! Nice job.
  7. Love auctions-estate- garage sales. Best deal not to long ago was a beautiful stitching horse for 40.00 have used it several times already. and an Osborne 86 for 125.00 tickled pink to get both. Older gentleman that used to do leatherwork and selling everything off. Don't run across really good deals often but I keep looking. LOL now if just had the skills others have on this site. I know practice- practice.
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