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  1. I don't need help for ther scrap leather . It's simpler than I thought. Thanks to the commenters.
  2. I decided to buy quality leather from here: https://www.artisanleather.co.uk/15-17mm-black-vegetable-tanned-leather-30-x-60cm-size.html The leather cost 56 pound And that's enough leather to make one purse, and then I plan to sell it for $ 114 including shipping and I'll make a nice profit. Now I only have to buy a scrap of leather and would interested to get help on this Topic...Yes, sure, i post pics when i finish it.
  3. Not yet. I start new Business to make wallets and bags, and I do few wallets and then sell them.
  4. I want to make the wallet in the picture. I plan to sell it for about $ 86 including shipping. I am looking for real leather in black or brown 3 - 5 oz thick And measured 12 "x 36" and cost about $ 43. Here is the page from which I bought the pattern https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/long-wallet. And I'm also looking for a scrap of leather from ebay that will resemble the wallet's leather and at the cheapest cost for review and tests before I sew this wallet.
  5. Even though you only have one chance, you sew it slowly and carefully and succeed.
  6. Thanks. I got your advice,I decided at the end to go for the black wallet because it has a lot of room for plastic cards and also because I saw many wallets like this without a pocket for change ... Agree with you that it is not an easy hobby and that is why I start from a wallet that will be easy to sew.
  7. Thanks for your long response. I understood but what wallet do you offer me to start the black or beige? I ask it because I initially want to do only one wallet and see how it is sold. thought of doing the beige in black because it is a more sold color. Does anyone here know if a beige wallet is a wallet for a man or woman? I did not say that all leather work is easy but only to make wallets. And you are wrong when you say I have very little knowledge. I saw a Hundreds of leatherwork videos. I used to do computer modeling and also thought it was hard but I would just keep in mind that is not that difficult and with training, I managed. I plan to use a sewing machine rather than handmade. All of these wallets have a detailed tutorial so I don't think it would be very hard to sew them, and anyway I plan to buy cheap leather and sew the wallet with it, and only then sew the wallet with the Expensive leather.
  8. I would like to start selling one of the wallets in the pictures. I want to sell 10-20 units a month. What wallet do you guys think will sell better the beige or the black and would I prefer to sell the beige in another color then it will sell better? And will there be big differences in sales of these 2 wallets?
  9. They register aboute this pattern -Unlimited license to make and/or sell this design wherever/whenever. Go wild with it. So it's not a "knock offs" And same goes for the rest of patterns.
  10. Okay I do that, but like I said, I want to hear more ideas for cellphone wallets with pattern and guidance How to create it.
  11. I speak reasonable English. I don't come and patronize someone who talk reasonable my language and tells him he doesn't know how to speak. You're talking about leather work as if it's a nuclear physics its just stitching a simple wallet.
  12. You come here and accuse others of insulting derogatory pronouns that have no justification. I'm sure you're also stealing ideas from other people, too. All companies do pretty much the same wallet designs and sometimes just the same.
  13. I'll give it up because it's too hard to make it.
  14. So if I went to a designer and he would design a wallet for my iPhone wallet then dozens of people could still find similarities between their wallet and my wallet and sue me then what does it matter? That's why in wallets you don't have the range to make your own unique design and therefore No one can sue you for copying.
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