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  1. Hello, my name is Jennifer. I came across this saddle and it has sat in my house for a while now and I never looked at the maker mark until yesterday when I then discovered the maker to be William N. Porter. I am wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this saddle the number under the left fender is Q00160. Also why does this saddle have a maker mark that includes the name "William" before the N. Porter and why does the mark have a saddle instead of a Bull head? So much to learn with authenticating old western tack! Also if this saddle is a real N. Porter I am amazed at how great of condition it is In aside from the mold that it was covered with when I got it. Other than that, it is in fabulous condition and the leather is sooo supple and soft. Any info is greatly appreciated and I look forward to learning what I can about it!:) Edit. I am having difficulty uploading even 1 photo. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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