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  1. Your shop looks fantastic! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share advice and pictures , Robert McNinch 

  2. Thanks everyone for comments, great ideas ! Robert
  3. I am in the process of turning my 2 car garage into my workshop.Will cool and dehumidify with portable AC/Heat unit . The main thing to start is a large 4 ft x 8 ft table for cutting with storage underneath using the round concrete cardboard cement forms . Top will be 3/4 plywood , what if anything should I put on top of table for a cutting surface ? The only equipment I have so far is a Cobra Class 26 sewing machine. I would like to have a Stamping and rivet setting table , smaller cutting area for sewing ,glue and dye table ,The large table for cutting and storage and table with my burnish machine and hand splitter. Thanks for the ideas . Robert
  4. Thanks everyone , I think I will leave as is because this is for the wife and she is happy . I'm afraid of making more of a mess . Valuable lesson learned ! Thanks again !
  5. I think this will have to be one of those lessons learned at this point. Thanks tsunkaspa , garypl for y'alls input .
  6. I used Fiebings Pro dye and paste antique, thanks
  7. I need some help if anyone has an idea. I stamped , stained, antiqued and put Masters Quick shine on exterior of bag . I V gouged where folds would be so it would bend easier . I squirted water on seams before bending to try and make it bend easier and it left these water stains on the outside of the bag. I tried a hair dryer on it and it took away most of stain but still some left . Any ideas would be appreciated , thanks.
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