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  1. First, I know this forum is for leatherwork, and that sergers are not in the right category - but I am in need of some help with info on a Rimoldi Stella ZB serger/overlock. I might buy one for sewing fabric, but can't find any info online, about servicing, adjusting etc. I'm guessing there are many similar machines, like Singer, Taima etc, but would really appreciate any help/info. Best regards and apologies for posting in the wrong kind of forum (leather, not fabric) Stefan
  2. Thanks wizcrafts! Yes, it appears to sew just fine with system 135x5, and thickness is so far no problem. And, thanks to Uwe's YouTube-videos I know how to adjust and time the hook and needle should I need to adjust for system 135x16/135x17:-)
  3. It's been a while since I last visited this thread, and not a whole lot of sewing, been busy with other commitments. Anyways, in addition to the 111w155, I found a cheap 111w153. I figured I can have one set up for fabric (denim etc) and one for leather and vinyl. The 111w153 came with quite a lot of schmetz 135x5 size 18 needles - what is the difference between this system and 135x16/135x17? I tried the web but am still blank. Could someone please enlighten me? Stefan:-)
  4. Thanks Wizcrafts! I'll try and keep a close eye on the thread while sewing, to see if I can recognize whats going on next time this occurs. It suddenly struk me that the last project I am working on got stuck on the thumbscrew on the plate covering the bobbin Might be a good idea to remove the thumbscrew when sewing larger pieces. Before this Singer, the closest I got to sewing was my mom patching holes on the knees of my jeans. Learing how to sew is really satisfying - as well as learing a new skill (with which I can help others) I'd say there is a lot of mindfullness in it.
  5. I've invested in a sailrite workhorse servo motor, huuge improvement, even more so than I expected. But, I am having a slight problem when sewing, which has nothing to do with the motor, it occured when using the clutch motor also. The problem is my machine sporadically produces inconsistent length stiches during sewing. It can sew fine, consistent length stiches, and then suddenly produce shorter length stiches during the run. Any ideas as to what might cause this, and is there any thing I can do to solve this?
  6. Super! Thanks again, this was very helpful advice:-)
  7. Aha! Great info - thanks guys:-) so I should be using 135x16 for leather (with it's various points) and 135x17 for fabric?
  8. Btw I know which size of needle recommended, what I can't really find an answer to is needlesystem, tip/point and all that. Seems to be lots of different designations? (Let me know if my spelling is bad:-))
  9. Hi ! It's been a while since I checked in, but 480volt - Yes, You are right - it is of course not dual phase, but 3 phase, with a huge white something into which the wires go, and this something lets the motor run on 220v single-phase (presumably?). Anyways, It is an old lump, singer 1/3hp 1425 rpm. Will have to do for a while until I can afford a servo-motor. I am in need of some advice, please let me know if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I will be using my 111w155 for both leather and fabric, ranging from light upholstery leather up to double layers of 4-6 oz chrome and/or veg tanned leather (Purses, totebags, motorcycleseats, etc), and all sorts of items in canvas and denim and other heavy fabric. I've read that the 111w155 will work with thread in the range of 69-138. I am having a hard time figuring out what sort of needles i should buy. If I was to buy 1 spool of all three thread thicknesses, and needles accordingly - which needles will I have to buy? The more i read and surf the web, the more confusing it gets:-/
  10. Oh - and the "chug-a-chug-a" of the walking foot is just NICE! :-)
  11. I've been reading alot on the web about old clutch motors and how incontrollable they seem to be. Also, the look of the motor on my table didnot add much to my confidence, being an ancient 110v 3phase converted to 220v 2 phase, full of dust and filth. I was sure buying a new servo motor was a must. I havent even tried to start the old clutch motor. To be honest, I was afraid it would either give me a huge ZAP!, blow a fuse or catch fire, while sounding like a jetplane indoors. That was until today. I figured I might aswell jump feet first, ignoring the thoughts of a possible hazardous outcome. Boy was i wrong! I flick'ed the switch (what a Nice switch btw, an originial singer all-metal switch with a really pronounced 'click') and the motor started right up, no problems! It has the typical clutch motor sound (I actually like the sound - for now). And it is really not that incontrollable, I'm sure it will be even easier to controll if I change the pulleys. Next step is aquiring some thread and let it rip:-) I have some schmetz 21 dp leather needles (came with the machine), am going for size 92 thread to try out. I need to clean the stitch length mechanism, as it won't change length. When I engage the left button, I can hear a slight "twang" inside the machine, but no movement in the length selection mechanism
  12. Hi folks ! Thanks for the advice! Will try some of the tricks mentioned. Working hard right now to get my workplace Nice and tidy with some new paint and shelves. Really looking forward to get a Nice place and a servomotor, and get going. I've seen some nice deals on the enduropro motors. 220v. Are they any good?
  13. Yes, not the big one which slides inside the machine casting, but inside the tensionplate. I'll get some nails in a suitable size and give it a go:-)
  14. My machine now has a new timing belt, and I've adjusted the feet. I need a new thread tension release guide, mine is broken, but now I know how to change it, and have all involved parts cleaned, it will be an easy fix. The small pin in the thread tension plate is missing - what length is this pin? I figure I could fabricate one easily enough as long as I know the dimensions
  15. Thanks for the tips - will check the rotary hook this weekend. I've read that this machine is for medium to heavy fabric, and will probably not be of any use to me, so it will be up for sale again as soon as I know that it works. I belive the market for such a machine is pretty small in Norway, so I'm hoping it'll cover å new servo motor for my 111w155
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