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  1. I am still searching for that presser bar thumb screw - I ordered one from a juki lu562, but it did not fit, it is a hair too thick. I am selling the machine and in need of the right screw. Is there any chance someone on the forum that can sell me one? Or knows the thread and size of the screw? Can Anyone confirm that the screw from a seiko stw8 fits the singer 111w155? Or this one for a consew: Presser Foot Screw, Consew #10708
  2. Here she is - pretty in grey wrinklepaint. Only done a few passes in 10oz denim and all is well so far, but the p.o has sewn a 1 cm thick sail with it. I'd never dared, that stuff was severely thick and stiff. She'll have a easier life with me. I'll have to clean up some very sticky gunk which is everywhere but the outside. I suppose it is a lubricant or grease of some kind. I dont know about the bearings, they sound worn. Or at least this machine (not the motor) makes more noise than my 155 and 153, which have no bearings (?). I need a front slide plate, it's gone missing. Anyone know the part nr for the front slide plate?
  3. Yes, I've sent an email, unfortunately they have not, and informed me that it is no longer in production. I suppose any screw with the right thread should do the trick, but would not have the same esthetic as an original/repro.
  4. That's not the one I'm afraid. The one I'm searching is stepped, and shorter. Around 3 centimeters total. Attached is a picture of the one from my 111w153
  5. Yes, they have no thumbscrew for the presser bar either, and I can't find any vendor that has one. Funny, can it really be that rare?
  6. I'm searching for the faceplate and thumbscrew for a 111w155 - i.e triple feed
  7. Thanks for the replys:-) i agree that there seems to be little differance between the two model s. But the 155 i supposed to have a slightly higher lift, according to ismacs. There is very limited vintage singers around in Norway, and most are quite pricey actually:-) PS! I am in need og the thumbscrew that compresses the spring on the inner foot presser bar. Can't find it anywhere online for a decent price. Anyone has one for sale? I am also looking for the side cover plate/faceplate. And 1 front slide plate for attachments for the 112 series
  8. Am in need of the thumbscrew that compresses the spring on the inner foot/vibrating foot presser bar. Cant find this part anywhere for sale. Hoping someone has one and is willing to sell. Also interested in face-plate/cover on the side of the moving parts. Also interested in middle slide-plate for singer 112 series
  9. Is it needle feed only, or does it also have feed dogs underneath the foot?
  10. Thank you again - I might keep them both, and buy the 112 if I can. One last question - is all parts interchangeable between us-made and germany-made 112's? Or does the germany-made use metric nuts etc?
  11. Thank You both :) what would be the difference between the 140 and the 141? The ability to reverse? The 141 comes with a table and motor. I had a look at ismacs.com, but could not find any specifics. I think my machines are quite similar in terms of condition - seen a lot of use and love (well, I love them at least). The main difference between 153 and 155 is foot lift and max stitch length?
  12. I have both a singer 111w153 and a 155. Got offered a trade-in for a singer 112g141. The question is, should i keep the 153 or the 155? And i can't find any good info about the 112g141 - anybody got info?
  13. First, I know this forum is for leatherwork, and that sergers are not in the right category - but I am in need of some help with info on a Rimoldi Stella ZB serger/overlock. I might buy one for sewing fabric, but can't find any info online, about servicing, adjusting etc. I'm guessing there are many similar machines, like Singer, Taima etc, but would really appreciate any help/info. Best regards and apologies for posting in the wrong kind of forum (leather, not fabric) Stefan
  14. Thanks wizcrafts! Yes, it appears to sew just fine with system 135x5, and thickness is so far no problem. And, thanks to Uwe's YouTube-videos I know how to adjust and time the hook and needle should I need to adjust for system 135x16/135x17:-)
  15. It's been a while since I last visited this thread, and not a whole lot of sewing, been busy with other commitments. Anyways, in addition to the 111w155, I found a cheap 111w153. I figured I can have one set up for fabric (denim etc) and one for leather and vinyl. The 111w153 came with quite a lot of schmetz 135x5 size 18 needles - what is the difference between this system and 135x16/135x17? I tried the web but am still blank. Could someone please enlighten me? Stefan:-)
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