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  1. Excuse my ignorance but is the Singer Industrial World a general term? Or another list serv?
  2. Lol....when I first tried to remove the front cover it was stuck....then while cleaning other areas it popped off....with the metal pin flying out. I thought it was ruined....only to determine that metal pin, 2 paper clips, and the screw were all bonus extras! Not sure if I win a prize or anything but it does make me think this is a good place to stash my pirate gold! Question about resurfacing the sewing surface....epoxy, enamel, or leave alone? Plan is to really use her not just decor
  3. Think I found the problem area LOL. Now she is working as she should....will try some needles and actual sewing when I get a temporary wood top on the treadle base. Dad is restoring the wood top and I won't have that back until October. No way I am waiting that long to play with it.
  4. thank you so much for all of this info! now...to get her in and start cleaning
  5. So which needle would you recommend for some leather work? Nothing crazy...just to get her running. Also...should i attempt to CLEAN the inside mechanism?
  6. Lol compared to my Landis....it is an infant for sure! Now to figure out which needles will work
  7. Anyone have one or have info about singer 16-26 or 16-27? I have been gifted a 16-26 and it dates 1865 by serial number. I have found almost no info about them and it appears that the difference between the two types of industrial machines was fabric vs leather needle but I can't even be sure of that. She is A BEAST. I will be going through and cleaning etc but I am really looking for ANY info out there. Thanks! Amanda in WV
  8. hoping people are still seeing this thread--I posted a new thread to help me fine-tune the identification of a McClellan I found...so I'm in need of some expertise! Amanda, in WV
  9. After extensive digging through all I can find online, I'm at a loss as to what McClellan I've ended up with. As a live-long over of these saddles, I finally found one at an auction. It's in great shape, but does not appear to be a reproduction--but I can't be sure about this and am looking for more info. Some features look like the artillery one and some look like the pack style, but it's not a mule model from what I see/can compare to others on the web. Saddle has: double rigging, quarter straps are not attached by use of the halter square, stirrup hangers are brass or maybe copper--not iron, rigging rings have leather heart-shaped safes with real wool padding, but no fleece anywhere else on the saddle and it's clear that's the way it always was--it's NOT that the sheepskin is damaged or missing. No saddle horn. Lower rigging/girth is gone and replaced by modern latigo. Blanket straps have brass pieces to prevent them from detaching from saddle--all look original but one. It's marked as 12" and does fit me (smaller female) and it does fit me. I can't imagine it fitting any modern sized male. There are no maker marks anywhere that I can see. Note pics on the cantle end of tree, where I put arrows--are these quick connects for saddlebags? I do not know the name of this hardware and I don't see it on any other saddles anywhere. What is this hardware piece called? Any help on identifying this saddle? Amanda, in WV
  10. Big Sioux (sorry I can't figure out how to easily do the multiple quote boxes like you did) Can I post the book here as a pdf? I've always been an internet "taker"....so time to be "giver" as the copy I have is very clear. I actually did the screwdriver method before I read that in the book...and I can adjust it easily when I do that. Too bad I scratched the knob stupid, stupid me! it's ok, but, really, I know better! I'll grab some scrap leather...even considering disassembly of a crappy western saddle to use the fender leather. I also do a lot of wool felting and fulling--to 1" or so...so it will be neat to see how it handles sewing hard wool to leather. Any idea of age based on SN 4843? The book says 1936, but I have letters from '25. I have about 13 needles! 10 size 2 and 3 size 3 I think, plus one that was in the machine when I got it. I'll send pics of the original packaging and these super neat letters from 1925 and 1940. I love knowing about where these machines were in their first lives! Interestingly enough, my first thought is that this old guy must have sold the useful ones, kept the singer for nostalgia, and parked the landis and champion in his basement and barn because they were likely missing parts, etc, thus boat anchors. I think I was very wrong....it seems maybe he kept his favorite ones? It's like he used them...and then time stopped. This is why they aren't rusty I guess. There appear to be no marks from inappropriate use. If the family parts with that Singer--I may need to sneak there in the dark of night as hubby is probably at his toleration point. (cast iron gear/cam based loom called the Weaver's Delight on the front porch...need I say more) Lord knows I'm crazy, but how much would I adore having the original burner that heated the boiler? Flames + cast iron machine = in my book. Seems like the ones I've seen pics of don't have that boiler attached at all. I guess that could give you more room for sewing cylindrical items though. Wizcrafts: so the needle would pierce the leather, dip into the wax pot below, and then go back up, correct? I did read the instructions for waxing the bobbin thread. Very interesting! I'm an avid hand spinner--wools, silks, etc,--but haven't tried linen although I do have a set up that should work for linen. NOW I'm considering doing a linen 2-ply just to see if I can do it. Even if I only did it once, it would be so neat to do it 100% the old way at least once. I'm a little surprised that waxed linen lasts that long. I do have some OLD OLD side saddles, and the panels are thin leather on top and linen on the "horse side." However, this linen fabric doesn't look linen at all--it looks like cotton ticking fabric. I'll look more carefully at what thread was on it, but the bobbin looks linen-ish to me. Same as what's in the Champion's top thread... I GREATLY appreciate the help and encouragement you guys are providing. I am probably considered a little young to do these crazy things (my family understands a little...anyone crazy enough to call me a friend thinks I'm nuts OR they are even weirder and want to play with the antique toys)...so the experience you guys have is so valuable to me. I am at that age where I realize that people can't nail 2 boards together...and most people have ZERO skills. Thus, I'm watching all of this expertise die away as people in their 80s and 90s all pass I didn't even realize there was a really old guy here in WV that passed last year...apparently, saddle maker for decades, and he had a Landis. We never know about these people until it's too late! This is why--to my hubby's dismay--that I do dedicate time to getting some of my equipment out at festival demos...especially my old sock knitter. Kids (and mostly men) love that crazy thing and love to watch it work...and at least the skill isn't entirely dead. I wish there was a festival for ALL of this stuff. I've always wanted a stitcher like this--and it just sort of happened. Now with my intense desire to ride side saddle again as an adult, and realizing I can't afford what I need AT ALL, I'm now down a very deep rabbit hole... I can't thank you guys enough! will try to get pics asap.
  11. Landis update and a boat load of questions herein: "She" and her champion companion are now home...much assistance needed from hubby and the farm tractor. All is well : ) I'll upload pics and will try to upload pics of interesting letters from 1925 and 1940 (orders from Landis) from the original owner. They are pretty cool. I also have the original manual, and have made a good quality copy of it. I'll PDF that and make it available for all as soon as the work copier decides to give in and send the file. So, the serial number is #4843. She came with two packs of original needles! One part is cracked, but I have an OK work around (it's the part labeled #14 if you have the head diagram) this cracked part leads me to ask WHY is that part 2 pieces instead of one piece? Why should it be able to pivot upwards? isn't it just for lifting the presser foot? As of last night, she got a good scrub with cleaner recommended by my machinist brother--simply had no choice because of grime--and was re-lubricated. I also spent a good amount of time getting the stitch length knob to cooperate with the spring and mechanism on the off side. I think it's finally ok, but I did scratch the knob with a set of vice grips :-( but didn't have much of a choice to get it moving. How easy should this turn? and should it be a "dial" versus "click" kind of adjustment--meaning you have incremental ability to adjust not just set "clicks" of stitches per inch? As I start to sew, likely starting tonight, what thread and fabric would you recommend as a first trial? heavy denim? don't really have scrap leather I want to sacrifice at this point. I have some thread that came with it, but will prob just hang on to that for nostalgic reasons. This brings me to another observation--the part #48 (boiler, complete) is full of bizarre black tar looking stuff. I can scrape it out with a screwdriver--and I'm assuming I should, right? it's almost glass like on the top, and black gooey blob underneath that. The champion: I've started the cleaning and oiling process and it cranks through as it should but will need some TLC and tweaking here and there. I actually think this thing may work! I would be so super happy if I managed to get it working. I have a few parts to go over of course, and the grime and grit on it is intense, so I will need to REALLY scrub it. The awl and hook from the bobbin side is still there. Looks like the bobbin assembly is too, but I need to read the book before I know how to correctly remove it. The thing is darn cool actually. It takes a lot of muscle to get it to turn and I only did it a few times after lubrication , but hopefully with proper cleaning it will be easier. Not sure how tight it should be since it's motor driven. Regardless, it's fun to see how it works!
  12. It's not with me yet...attached are photos. I'm 99% sure tbe shuttle was there when I first saw it (was distracted by picking up 8 antique side saddles), so I'm making sure shuttle is there. It has no rust thoughts appreciated
  13. Any thoughts on the champion? Going to take it also (package deal so he doesn't have to move them)
  14. I have one ..have had it for years but am just now putting it together. Can let you know in a week or so how it goes.
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