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  1. mdawson, thank you! I didn't know the term. rleather: I knew that before. I tried that and I agree that learning curve is like you said. I know that the author (He calls himself author of this technique...) doesn't use oil dye, but alcohol or acrilic. I know his supplier. There is my first result with alcohol dye... Guys thanks for answers. I see that this is known technique if you know sources
  2. Hi there, Have you ever seen something like this? When I saw it I though that it is made by dipping leather into into a water-dye substance. Author of this technique disclaimes that. What do you think? I have few other hypothesis about how to do that. I need to do some tests with other types of dyes. https://www.partahama.cz/technika-tahama/
  3. Hello, I bought a deer hide. When I was at tannery I was impressed and I had few ideas what to do with that. Now, I'm struggling and I have no project in my mind. What do you from deer hide? I'm thinking about the bullet hole in the hide. It is creepy to use it as some detail in a project, isn't it?
  4. Hi there, I'm new to the forum. Free pattern from Tony until tomorrow midnight. https://www.leather-patterns.com/free-stuff
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