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  1. I'd like to view this material but I'm getting an err code say I don't have permission. What to do ?
  2. Thank You all so much for the patterns an the rest. Very appreciative.
  3. Tommy765

    Belt hook?

    Yes Gary, thank you!! Just what I was looking for.
  4. Tommy765

    Belt hook?

    Okay her is the best pick I can find
  5. Tommy765

    Belt hook?

    Thank you but I've seen this one. This is more for a rifel sling than a belt. The belt hook I'm looking for is a single hook.
  6. Dave Tanner Tanner Leather Richmond Indiana (765) 935-3997
  7. Tommy765

    Belt hook?

    I've been racking my brain Google what I've been calling a belt hook. However I could be way off. So let me try to describe what I am looking for. Ok military gun belts and sword belts of the 1800's and up to the m1916 US. gun belt had odd buckels on them and the size was adjusted by a brass hook through a hole that ran up the side of the belt. I have a replica civil war buckel but I cannot find the hardware ie, hook to size it. Please help as I am just besides myself trying to compleat this belt Thank You!
  8. I'm very new to this forum however I've been searching for months, online for a simple Colt army holster pattern or even a slimjim pattern. I even drove several miles to a Tandy leather where the guy told me the Al Stolman book was sure to have one but it doesn't, lol. Anyone here have what I. Looking for? Thank You!
  9. I just need a simple slimjim pattern for an 1860 army.
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