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  1. Got Grant's book, it's awesome, and made a few belts. First few belts I made I cut the lace for, then I decided to try some of the premade stuff and bought 3mm kangaroo. The lace I cut is close to 3mm, but I based the thickness off my belts I wear for work and didn't account for the bought lace to come so thin. Is there thicker lace to buy or if I want thicker belts do I just keep cutting the lace myself? Supposedly kangaroo is pretty tough stuff so would a work belt made from roo lace even need to be as thick as a normal belt to hold up?
  2. I’ll have to give that a shot! I was just keeping the strands damp at first to help, then started using some saddle soap I had for my work boots after I saw it should be greased.
  3. Thanks! Was looking everywhere for confirmation of that and wasn't able to find anything. I made my lace from veg tan and it just felt super brittle and dry so thought it might have needed to be damp first. Right on, I'll have to take a look! I just ordered Grants book, might have to check the libraries near me to see if they have any of these.
  4. Awesome! Google didn’t have anything that was exactly called that, but looks like he has a lot of books out with good info
  5. It’s got everything on making lace and weaving a belt? I was actually thinking about getting that after looking at his leather braiding one but didn’t want to spend $30 on something that is either just going to repeat the info in the one I already have and not anything I needed to know
  6. So I'm new to leatherworking and I started making a 12 braid belt but think I've done things a bit backwards. Figured this would be a good place to try and find info I haven't had any luck getting! Most things I've found are info on how parts are done (such as cutting and beveling lace, braiding certain styles, etc) but never anything from start to finish. Should I have dampened the hide first before cutting lace? Once the lace is cut I read it should be oiled and stretched? Should this be done before dyeing? Can I oil the lace, braid, then dip dye? All the videos and books I've seen show how to do the braids but how do you finish a belt off? Haven't found anything on the pattern or process for closing the laces off. Also looking for anywhere that sells belt ends that aren't generic blanks, or the one version Tandy sells. Thanks for any info!
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