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  1. Thank you I will check this out and let you know what I find.
  2. I've been searching the threads for a while, yet haven't seen anyone mention this. I recently acquired a 111W155 and it seemingly works pretty good. I originally had the stitch length maxed out and recently decided to shorten it. I noticed after adjusting it from 5 to 7 it was a drastic chance. After much testing, it's because as the needle comes up, the leather actually slides back. I've adjusted presser foot tension but have noticed that the outside foot comes up slightly before the inside foot is down. This seems like a presser foot timing issue to me. Can someone either second me on this or tell me the true cause before I get into adjusting this. Thanks
  3. A lot of good opinions on here. Thank you all. You’re definitely correct in saying that the product should come first. I also feel that all of the custom orders I do are all created by me using their vision as a guide, so it kind of makes me want my stamp on it as the creator/artist. At the end of the day, I am confident that they love their pieces enough to spread my name regardless of whether I stamp it or not.
  4. So I do mostly custom leather goods. Lately I’ve had a man and his both placing orders but they are both requesting no Maker’s Mark. Now I’ve never thought about it much and I am doing custom items for people, so I do everything to fit their needs. But this? I’ve never ran into this. I’ve suggested putting it in an inconspicuous area but they both prefer no mark whatsoever. I know them very well so not worried that they are wanting to resell my stuff. Anyone have any advice? Especially if I start running into it more often.
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