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  1. Buying used. Looking for Adler 205, Console 227B. Machine head only. Working or repairable condition. Buying Helmold dies. Buying steel rule pre-sharpened any brand. (No creasing rule) Buying embossing dies w/one inch bore. Brass or steel. No poly dies. Must be able to ship. Contact email - Glynn@Ozarksleathersmith.com
  2. Wanted Adler 205-370, or similar Adler cylinder bed to be set up for heavy duty leather and carpet binding. Top dollar paid for a Adler cylinder bed with a vibrating binding attachment. Prefer head only. Working condition, or free turning mostly complete. Must be able to ship. PayPal preferred payment. Send pictures and contact information to Glynn@ozarksleathersmith.com
  3. Very nice. Variety is the spice of life. I think we are all enjoying the conversation of steel rule, as some of us want to make our own and some of us do not. Either way I think we all enjoy most anything that has to do with leather! Your circle bag shows your talent, and your work is very nice.
  4. Thank you Mr.ihavenoidea, and Mr. Ferg for joining the conversation. It's very exciting to share ideas with other leatherworkers and I think that is what brought this website together. OK so on the steal rule Conversation , I just bought out a steel rule die fabrication shop. Steel rule benders that will handle any Point gauge thick up to 1 inch tall. I also bought A commercial still rule cutting shear, and a notcher and nicker for making alignment marks in the die it's self that was show when the leather is cut. I also purchased a large assortment of dies to go in the bender. And of course boxes of steel rule. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars buying dies from other sources, and so this is why I made this purchase so that I can make exactly what I need exactly when I want it. Thin or thick dies that will work on 12 ounce leather if I so desire. The want of a manual table what is for smaller and thinner dies but with this purchase of the supplies I can do it all especially with the TIG welder I have any other equipment
  5. Thank you for taking the time to you answer the inquiry. I would appreciate any other information you run across including the correct descriptive name of the table.There's one out there available somewhere. If I don't find one in a timely manner or I'll just build my own. I reached out to BAD&G leather, they have YouTube videos of him showcasing his die making skills with this table.They would not return my inquiry or phone calls........ In the meantime I have purchased a large Selection of Helmold steel rule bending equipment and dies like the ones I show in my other post on this website. I'll make dies with this equipment for now.
  6. Serious buyer purchasing Helmold bender dies
  7. Serious buyer.looking for a steel rule bending table. Would appreciate any leads.
  8. I offer 425 and will pay freight. Thank you. ps I live in missouri Bennett spring area. Serious cash buyer
  9. eBay- Kingsley hot stamp machine / Lou dog
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