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  1. What is your asking price for the lot some of the container….. glynn@ozarksleathersmith.com
  2. What are you asking for the lot. glynn@ozarksleathersmith.com
  3. Thank you sir. Come by and visit sometime. Coffee pots always on
  4. Here's a example of some of the smaller dies I have made with the Helmold bender. the three oval ones are for buckle tongue cutout for belts and straps. They could be used as is or welded inside of a strap billet die. The second picture shows the Helmold binder versatility making the oval dies. I also have made 1/16 of an inch to 1/2 inch punch tubes and weld them inside of a belt tip die for the tongue holes in belts holes and various other things. Here's a picture of the layout table with the steel rule bender jigs also. And a Knife die set from some of my plunder , and a sheath sample that was made from the dies. Leather work fun with all aspects of leatherwork. Have a great evening leatherwork brothers and sisters!
  5. Not bad for a copy. And to quote your response to a previous post "I really like using darker handles and straps out of bridle to create a two-tone effect for my bags" don't see any darker handles here. Looks OK though.
  6. Not bad for a copy. And to your response to a previous quote"I really like using darker handles and straps out of bridle to create a two-tone effect for my bags" don't see any darker handles here. Looks OK though.
  7. I don't make everything the same color. I make things of all colors of leather and I also use exotic animal skins such as python, rattlesnake, cobra water lizard and others. I just wanted to share some fun about folders and this single color was what I had available to post a picture of. I also make items out of cordura and canvas. And I also incorporate hot stamping of different colors. How about you show us some of your work so we can see what you're all about.
  8. I know what you mean hand stitched. But you can put a folder on just about any sewing machine. They work well on flatbeds and cylinder beds too. Youcan make your own or buy one on eBay they’re listed by the hundreds. I make mine out of THIN aluminum sheet metal I buy at Lowe’s. I make the folder first, then I make the mounting bracket to fit the machine. Then epoxy the folder on the bracket in the right position While it’s on the machine. Put a piece of leather heavier to what you’re gonna use in the sheet-metal and then just fold the sheet melt to fit the leather. Give it a try. You can make a pretty good folder for under 10 bucks.
  9. Yup it's cool and a lot of fun jrdunn. I make all of my tools, jigs, and sewing machine attachments.I encourage everybody to try to think outside the box and don't just buy something to do your leather work with. even the smallest handmade tool could turn out to be the best.
  10. They overlap each other 1 inch, and that is adjustable here's a picture of the backside
  11. You betcha Chuck. I have sold about 42 carry bags. Some leather ,some Cordura, some canvas. Works equally well on all types of material. The invention came out of necessity, which was a way to make the Carrie strap Match the bag material exactly. Works great for rifle slings t IMG_5857.heic
  12. I enjoy making all of my own tools, jigs, and sewing machine attachments. Especially the ones where I have been told that "its not possible".Heh heh. Here's a couple pics of one of the folders I made for my two needle post bed. It's to make bag strap's out of the same material the bags are made of, so the leather matches. Friends, you can do anything you put your mind to with enough patience and perseverance. Bag strap.HEIC
  13. Earlier in discussion I showed some helmold dies and here's another one is it uses I found for the device. This is a sample of cutters for the slot for the buckle tongue to go through. Can be used for anything including belts straps and other related items.Oval cutter 1.HEIC Oval cutters 3.HEIC
  14. Here at the Ozarks Leathersmith I use old world craftsmanship combined with skills and knowledge I have developed for over 56 years. My two main interests and skills are Leatherwork and sewing. At an early age I realized I had been given a gift to develop, and that there was a tree of knowledge. Focusing on these two skills I climbed that tree until I came to a branch that was relevant. I went to that branch and learned everything I could. Then went back to the main trunk of the tree and practiced. Onward to the next branch always focusing on my two main interests, leatherwork and sewing. I am still climbing the tree……… Every waking day I am grateful to be able to walk in the shop and design, invent, or create something. I believe each and every leatherworker has that feeling. Last year I was fortunate enough to buy out a helmold die factory. I purchased Helmold Standard bender, bendall bender, steel rule miter, steel real cutter, tons of steel rule die material and several complete bending die sets. The die sets are more than complete. They contained a 50 year collection that the old company had. I have had great fun teaching myself how to use the Helmold benders. So far I haven't made about 50 cutter dies of various shapes. Oddly enough the most fun has been making my own punch tubes from a 16th of an inch in diameter to quarter-inch in diameter and welding them inside my belt billet tips. I originally wanted to purchase a foot press die table, but I soon learned in no way could the foot press table Match the intricate shapes that I would be creating....... Die table.HEIC Knife dies.HEIC Boat patches.heic
  15. Serious buyer. buyer what would you take for the lot glynn@ozarksleathersmith.com
  16. Buying used. Looking for Adler 205, Console 227B. Machine head only. Working or repairable condition. Buying Helmold dies. Buying steel rule pre-sharpened any brand. (No creasing rule) Buying embossing dies w/one inch bore. Brass or steel. No poly dies. Must be able to ship. Contact email - Glynn@Ozarksleathersmith.com
  17. Wanted Adler 205-370, or similar Adler cylinder bed to be set up for heavy duty leather and carpet binding. Top dollar paid for a Adler cylinder bed with a vibrating binding attachment. Prefer head only. Working condition, or free turning mostly complete. Must be able to ship. PayPal preferred payment. Send pictures and contact information to Glynn@ozarksleathersmith.com
  18. Very nice. Variety is the spice of life. I think we are all enjoying the conversation of steel rule, as some of us want to make our own and some of us do not. Either way I think we all enjoy most anything that has to do with leather! Your circle bag shows your talent, and your work is very nice.
  19. Thank you Mr.ihavenoidea, and Mr. Ferg for joining the conversation. It's very exciting to share ideas with other leatherworkers and I think that is what brought this website together. OK so on the steal rule Conversation , I just bought out a steel rule die fabrication shop. Steel rule benders that will handle any Point gauge thick up to 1 inch tall. I also bought A commercial still rule cutting shear, and a notcher and nicker for making alignment marks in the die it's self that was show when the leather is cut. I also purchased a large assortment of dies to go in the bender. And of course boxes of steel rule. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars buying dies from other sources, and so this is why I made this purchase so that I can make exactly what I need exactly when I want it. Thin or thick dies that will work on 12 ounce leather if I so desire. The want of a manual table what is for smaller and thinner dies but with this purchase of the supplies I can do it all especially with the TIG welder I have any other equipment
  20. Thank you for taking the time to you answer the inquiry. I would appreciate any other information you run across including the correct descriptive name of the table.There's one out there available somewhere. If I don't find one in a timely manner or I'll just build my own. I reached out to BAD&G leather, they have YouTube videos of him showcasing his die making skills with this table.They would not return my inquiry or phone calls........ In the meantime I have purchased a large Selection of Helmold steel rule bending equipment and dies like the ones I show in my other post on this website. I'll make dies with this equipment for now.
  21. Serious buyer purchasing Helmold bender dies
  22. Serious buyer.looking for a steel rule bending table. Would appreciate any leads.
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