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  1. Hi, I picked up a used Highlead GC0618-1SC, couldn't refuse it at the price. I'd like to replace the clutch motor with a servo motor. I've used a CB3200 for a while now, and really REALLY love how I can go at a snails pace if I need to. This clutch motor is turned up to 11, I cannot really use it very well at all. No matter how gingerly I tickle the pedal, it is FULL BLAST. I would rather sell the old clutch and replace it with a servo than have to put up with this. Is it possible to slow it down somehow? or am I just stuck with this FULL SPEED mode? What am I looking at as a replacement? I would appreciate some advice on what to replace it with, maybe a cheap option and an option that would be like my CB3200? I have no clue about motors. What's on there now is a "frontier clutch motor, HP:1/2HP, Cycles: 60HZ, RPM:1725RPM" Also, does anyone know if juki 1541 parts fit this machine? It currently has the feet for fabric, and I'd like to replace them with smooth feet, along with getting an edge roller guide. I appreciate any help y'all can give me, thanks!
  2. Rylando

    Tape measure holder clip

    I appreciate your thoughts! I may have to contact them. I talked to the only other supplier of these linked in a past thread, aplus I think they're called. They do not carry them anymore, unless you want to order 5,000 pieces or more. Sent some emails out today to local sheet metal fab shops to see about getting some made, but most around me make big agricultural items so I am kinda doubting they'll be interested in small potatoes but we will see! May have to learn to make some myself in the mean time. I think more than anything it's bugging me that I can't find these anywhere, LOL! Seems like it must have another name than a "tape measure holder", used in another industry or something. Seems like it'd be next to the $2 holster belt clips at Tandy, but alas no.
  3. Rylando

    Tape measure holder clip

    So far I've found this https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Tape-Clip_109487865.html?spm=a2700.galleryofferlist.0.0.3a1d1ea3loqYB7 Which is a "D/C tape clamp" or a "Bare Copper Tape clip" which seems to be a attachment system for flat copper wire, however I can't find any in the USA, only Alibaba. But I am not looking for 1k+ of them right now lol
  4. Rylando

    Tape measure holder clip

    Any suggestions on a supplier for tape measure holding clips? I know another member of the forum sells them for $7ish a piece, which is fine for one offs but I'm looking for the bulk sellers. Does everyone get theirs made overseas? Seems like this clip could be for something else instead of just tape measure holders.
  5. Rylando

    Laser Engraver Purchasing Advice?

    Realized I totally posted this in the wrong section, if a mod could move it over to the laser section I'd be very appreciative
  6. I'm looking to purchase a Laser Engraver ( or make one? ) and I'm wondering if y'all have any input/suggestions or links to forum posts on the subject, I didn't find much useful when I searched the forum. Not looking for the $12k top of the line model, just a small unit to engrave logos onto coasters, keychains, small things/small logos. I have 0 experience with lasers, well.. except for the one I own for my cats to chase
  7. Thanks for the replies! Looks like I'll just have to order it and live with the price lol. Atleast the machine itself was a deal! The blades were apparently sold on Amazon at one time, but I can't find one there anymore. Oh well!
  8. Hi I recently purchased a Landis 3 in 1, and it did not come with the skiving blade? It seems it is the same blade as the 5 in 1? I found it on only one supplier (http://www.shoesystemsplus.com/Landis-5-in1-Flat-Skiving-Blade_p_503.html) and I'm wondering does anyone know of alternate suppliers? I am having a hard time coughing up $60 for this blade and another $15 to ship it. Thanks.
  9. I'm starting to buy more and more hides to make belts and wallets and while Tandy is OK if you pick through the hides, it's just OK. Do any of you know of any veg-tan or chrome/oil tan suppliers in the Houston area? I'm hesitant to order from the big online warehouses sight unseen but it's looking inevitable. Also, are there any Texas-based Veg-tan tanneries? For the longhorn state I'm surprised nothing shows up on google.
  10. Rylando

    Experience with Zonesun hot stamper?

    I guess no one has used one?
  11. I've been looking at https://www.etsy.com/listing/619442866/workonleather-zs110-slideable-workbench?ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1 for a hot stamper on a budget... Does anyone have experience with this machine or similar ones? Or recommendations for other machines?
  12. Rylando

    First sewing machine, advice please.

    Thanks for all the help guys I found a used (but barely used) CB3200 locally for sale for $1500 which after looking more into what I want to make and looking up all the info about needle/thread sizes it will work just fine for me. Gonna use the rest of my budget to pick up a Consew 206rb sometime in the future. Now to make something!
  13. Rylando

    Steel rule and bender question

    I don't think I was looking at getting that crazy into it, but it looked like a manual steel rule bender and a cutout of board would work. Bend the steel rule to the shape around the plywood or board and secure it to the board? That is just the impression I got from looking at this stuff, I tend to try to make things the hard way myself before I realize its easier to just buy them, haha.
  14. So I've got my pattern and I want to make a clicker die for it! Where do you all buy your Steel rule in the USA? and what type? I was thinking Universal 60? Also what steel rule benders do you use? Or do you just buy them? To me it seems fairly simple to make with a bender and the steel rule.
  15. Rylando

    First sewing machine, advice please.

    Thank you for the info! I looked into thread sizes a little and I definitely do not need that CB3200 then, I do not plan for leather that thick anytime soon! Still learning about thread sizes for what size stuff. I however am tempted now by the cylinder arm machines, it seems (again, school me if I'm wrong) like you can do the same stuff you can with the flatbed ones on a cyliner machine as most manufacturers seem to make a table attachment that is smaller than the flatbeds tables but seems plenty big for my uses personally. The dual usage as a cylinder arm and the smaller flatbed machine is pretty attractive to me. At thetop end f my budget sits the Cowboy CB341 vs the Techsew 2750, I looked some more at these and I have to say that roller edge guide that atleast the techsew has looks AWESOME for helping to get straighter edges. looks like the Cowboy has a mount for it? not sure. Any advice with these machines? am I overlooking a better choice?