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  1. Price reduction ..... $ 500.00 plus shipping from UPS Freight depot in Cumberland, MD
  2. Silky

    Champion Model 77

    Price reduction ..... $ 500.00 plus shipping from UPS Freight depot in Cumberland, MD
  3. It is still available. I can strap it on a skid and give you the dimensions and weight so you could arrange / pay for shipping. I can deliver to the UPS Freight terminal in Cumberland, MD Here is an example shipping estimate to a business location with a dock, the actual weight and dimensions may vary slightly. I can get the actual data later today if necessary as it is currently on a skid with 3 other shoe machines. I need to strap it to its own skid .... unless of course you want the Champion also (600 lb actually ships cheaper than 300 lb .... different class ) Cheers
  4. OK, this is sort of in the way as it is. Before I seriously consider using the spindle and motor for something else, we will offer it up sale at $700. USD I can't quite see the label on the motor, would need to remove it to see. So, we will just assume the specs ... for now. If requested, and absolutely necessary, I will get to it. Cheers
  5. Silky

    Champion Model 77

    Being under a little bit of pressure to open up floor space, we will let this go for $700. USD This will go along to help out towards the shipping .. if it is necessary. I wish there is someone out there that can put this to use. I've seen mention of a "mailbox post", but don't really want to go there. (although, it would be unique ) Cheers,
  6. Hi folks. For sale is a Belt sander with detachable sanding drums and grinding tool. There is no belt on it at the moment, but looks like it would take a 4" X 48" belt ..... (or thereabout). There is also an integral squirrel cage type blower with a dust discharge port, all running off of 1 single motor. Everything turns free, smooth and quietly by hand. I cannot see the label on the motor, but assume that it is 220v single phase by evidence of the electrical connection plug (pic). It is about 25" wide, X 22" deep, X 58" tall ....there is an additional pegboard attached to the top that extends another 22" high but is easily removed or hinged down flat in the horizontal position for transport or shipping. I can palletize and deliver to the shipper to be shipped at buyers expense, or it can be picked up with prior arrangements made. I will provide the necessary wiring connection to verify all is working as it should. Asking price is $1000 and could be negotiable also considering the possibility of a package deal including the Champion 77 listed in the other thread ..... if interested. I am also contemplating re-purposing this and using in my machine shop ... if it doesn't sell. I may get a small mirror in position to report the HP and voltage ratings on the motor ID plate, will look for that next time at the unit. If there are any questions that the pics do not answer, please ask. I'll do the best I can to answer correctly. Cheers,
  7. Silky

    Champion Model 77

    Good point ! Noted, RogerWilco ! Cheers,
  8. Silky

    Champion Model 77

    Hi folks Here are some pictures of the actual machine. The motor is electric, 115V, single phase, 1/4 HP. The overall dimensions are 28" wide, X 28" deep, X 66" tall. (excluding the pallet that it is sitting on) It is a bit dirty, and the lubricant is somewhat dry and gummy but there is no rust on any of the working mechanisms ....(that I can see). The main drive belt from the AC motor is made of leather and is in poor condition. I wouldn't expect it to last very long. It is setting on a standard pallet with 3 other shoe machines. Would make a nice, neat package to ship. I'll post more info on the other machines soon. Moderator: Is it OK to combine machines on a single post ? ? or, should they be on separate postings. Also, please remove the original post of the "example" machine, (if possible), thanks. Thanks for looking,
  9. Silky

    Champion Model 77

    Marketplace Rules 1. Post must have a clear and descriptive topic title. I know little about this machine, mainly what I have learned from searches on this here forum. You can google (as I did) Champion, McKay and Landis for similar functionality. It has CHAMPION on the sides of the main casting and MODEL 77 on the front cover that opens to expose the mechanisms. 2. Post must contain a complete description of item(s); make, model, condition, height, width, length, weight. color etc. Condition noted as: New, Refurbished, Like New, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Parts Only, and or Percentage of New condition, 100% being New or Like New. I will measure and post the H, W and D dimensions as well as an estimate of the weight soon. (I will estimate from research, about 300 lb.) It looks like a redish color paint (under the dust), hopefully the upcoming pics will suffice for this requirement. I will estimate the condition to be Fairly Good to Very Good ..... considering. This machine is apparently of older manufacture. There is of course some wear but seems to function well. I have no knowledge of the original dimensional specs, so it is hard for me to determine a "degree" of wear. A potential buyer might be able to make that determination. 3. Post must contain explanation of what item is or does. From a little research in lieu of personal experience, this machine is used for sewing/stitching the soles onto ladies shoes by means of a chain stitch. 4. Post should contain picture or pictures of item when possible. Will get actual photos over the weekend and post them, the example pic posted was just for reference to depict what I have. 5. Post must contain definite price in USD for the item, we know prices are negotiable but a price nonetheless. Shipping policy needs to be stated clearly. I am expecting a price in the range of maybe $800 to $1200. This will most likely be negotiable. 6. Post must be modified with additional information as necessary, and marked when item is sold. ALL MACHINES FOR SALE MUST INCLUDE PICTURE. As mentioned earlier, I will post actual pics ... and maybe a short video. Sorry for the vagueness of the original post, more to come, Thanks
  10. Silky

    Champion Model 77

    Hi folks. I will be selling some items soon, including one like the item pictured. The pic was online as an example. Mine is complete but a bit dirty. I can post actual pics of it soon if there is any interest. It is in western MD. I could safely crate it if the buyer pays the shipping. Post any interest / offers. I will get any pics you might want and maybe a short video of it running. Regards,
  11. I have another question. this fine video shows a similar model, a Landis. At about 6:50, he just slips the loop off of the needle before cutting it to pull some thread out .. understood. But when I stop the Champion, the cast-off is across the needle hook preventing the removal of the thread loop, and the shoe before cutting. It appears to be adjusted per the pdf. Hard to see if his machine even has the cast-off. Not sure, but mine wont slip off like his. Any advice ? Thanks
  12. Hey thanks ! I finally found a pdf on here depicting a McKay .. which looks very similar, if not identical. I threaded it as you say, verified the timing and it works fine. Thanks again,
  13. Hi Folks. I have a Champion 77 that is missing something. I assume there should be a "hook" of sorts that goes in the little hole that is in the gear shown in the picture. Is there an illustration ? or available part ? or is it to be custom made ? I could copy one if I knew what it was supposed to look like. Thanks for any help,
  14. Interesting ..... thanks. One question. Needle bar turning ??? Wouldn't this cause a radial miss-alignment between the scarf and the hook underneath ? Or, is there a similar matching mechanism for the hook ? Just wondering .....
  15. https://sunny-sewing-machines.myshopify.com/blogs/sewing-machines/juki-dnu-1541s-vs-thor-gc1541s
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