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  1. Silky

    Industrial machines. (Video)

    Interesting ..... thanks. One question. Needle bar turning ??? Wouldn't this cause a radial miss-alignment between the scarf and the hook underneath ? Or, is there a similar matching mechanism for the hook ? Just wondering .....
  3. Silky

    Cut-Line 226H

    Thanks for that Gregg. If I didn't already have a 211G166 I would have gone after it ! But, at $100 it didn't last long and is no longer available I'd really like the larger bobbin. Cheers.
  4. Silky

    Cut-Line 226H

    Thank you Constabulary I may go look at it. It's on a table with a clutch motor. Asking $100.
  5. Silky

    Cut-Line 226H

    Anyone here familiar with this model ? Is it a Consew ... of sorts ? I'd like to know its capacity, and if it has the big bobbin. Thanks for looking.
  6. Was this a special model for the expo ? Very COOL ! Weltausstellung 1873 Wien 1873 Vienna World's Fair The 1873 Vienna World's Fair (German: Weltausstellung 1873 Wien) was the large world exposition that was held in 1873 in the Austria-Hungarian capital Vienna. Its motto was "Culture and Education"
  7. Silky

    111W155 Needle Bar won’t walk

    If the stitch length is set to minimum, it wont walk. Set it to max and see what happens.
  8. Silky

    Identification and estimate AMAZING ! What a resource of docs. 1686 model listings of parts/manuals. Would take some digging (If you cant find any #'s on the machine) but I feel sure it is here somewhere.
  9. Silky

    Identification and estimate Here's a video of similar, a carpet binder and a manual
  10. Silky

    Identification and estimate

    I'll guess its a chain stitch bag closing rig. or a 3 thread serger.
  11. Silky

    Identification and estimate
  14. Silky

    SInger 16-188 table conservation

    Greetings Lee. That is the same frame as mine. And, a very similar top. I hit mine with a belt sander, then a random orbit, then a coat of minwax pecan stain, then 3 coats of clear poly. I'll bet you the wood is Basswood. 40 bucks huh ... you did good ! I had to pay 50, but it came with a 111-155 I plan to strip my frame and paint it dark charcoal gray hammer finish rustoleum.
  15. Silky

    Simple chart of models & key specs

    Study, study and then study more. Even when you think you are gaining on it, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to dim. I happened upon this valuable bit of info during my recent research regarding the same subject. A bit deceiving at first, but a good watch anyway. Enjoy the journey.