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  1. I recently purchased a Cowboy Outlaw. I really like it. It came with attachments in the box and a few small spare parts and bobbin. Its built very sturdily and seems to do what I want it to. The manual with the machine is ok, could use some more detail but informative. It will, as with all machines take adjustments for type and weight of materials being sewn to perform at peak. That part is pretty straight forward and covered reasonably well in the manual. Not sure you can call this a professional machine, but in my world as a hobbiest, this thing is built like a tank and is very reliable and consistent with a small amount of practice.
  2. Joe Mehling UTube video Improve your tooling in 30 minutes Its an excellent technique demonstration
  3. Great work and I love the color also...might have to get me some
  4. That is one awesome piece of work. The details are so precise.
  5. I probably should have mentioned the wallet is only half done. I like to do my dyeing before assembly and edge finishing. I'll post a pic when I've got it completed--installing a black pigskin interiaor
  6. well I tried to remember that... guess I was just getting carried away at that point Thank for looking Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into that one---not a huge investment there.
  7. Thanks for the feed back---been kinda looking for new background tools- just haven't made up my mind Never thought about the 3 lines--now that you mention kinda out of place should have filled in that space Sheridan Style Steel Steep Angle Checkered Beveler Stamp Set include numbers SKB701-2, SKB702-2 & SKB936-2. Craft Japan Tool Sheridan Style Steel Steep Angle Checkered Beveler Stamp Set include numbers SKB701-2, SKB702-2 & SKB936-2. Craft Japan Tool
  8. The underside of a table perhaps?
  9. This was an attempt to improve my skills....new set of steep angle bevelers and thumbprints from Pro Leather Carvers, new 1lb maul vs 12oz mallet (Tandy) and first time with Fiebings antique paste. Also used Tandy Canyon Tan, Deep Evening Blue, Fiebings Pro Yellow on 5-6 oz veg tan. Loved the bevelers---maul needs practice but I like it and will look for upgrades as I spend more time with it. Thumbprints were a nice add to what I had, but need refinement. Watched a Joe Mehling? video. I think I might have liked to resist the vinework before the antique to give it more of a 3 tone look. PS I will not be offended by any comments made here.. I love the dialogue here and have learned so much about different techniques, it makes my head spin. So fire away---what do you see?
  10. Looks like it has potential to turn out real nice...when I do something pancaked I edge bevel the front panel before I glue and stitch. Both sides across the opening and all around the front panel. Makes it easier to blend the edge where front and back meet.
  11. love the creative solution and the clean looks
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