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  1. Hi Bradie, What sewing machines do you have available?
  2. leathermadman

    Feed Dog Needle Marks

    Thanks for everyone's advice. Stitches are looking much better. I hammered these down. still a few marks from the feed dogs but I am pretty sure I can fix that part.
  3. leathermadman

    Feed Dog Needle Marks

    Hi Constabulary, I backed off the pressure on both feet.
  4. leathermadman

    Feed Dog Needle Marks

    Hi Everyone, I know some other users have experienced this and I have made changes to my machines according to those posts but I am still getting these little dimples on the feed dog side of the leather. I have backed off the pressure on my foot completely on my Juki 563. It looks like the needle hole in the feed dog is making the mark/dimple. I have tried diamond and lr needles as well. I also rounded out the feed dog teeth out a bit and they just barely come above the plate about half a tooth Anything other suggestions on how to minimize this? Thanks in advance.