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  1. Are there any vintage Pfaff's that have reverse, zigzag, single needle, AND a walking foot?
  2. I'm confused about the uses for high and "super high" presser feet for my Pfaff. I find that when I am sewing multiple layers of leather (I usually sew sail cloth) I need more clearance between the presser foot and the table to accomodate the increased thickness of the work. My current foot fits in the lower hole of the presser bar. Does that mean that if I get a "super high" foot it will fit in the upper hole and give me the necessary space for the multiple layers of leather?
  3. My 30's era machine, just gifted to me, sews 12 stitches/inch when the balance wheel dial is on 6. Despite the diagrams on the W1,3,5 user's manual, there is only one adjustment screw port on the head. When I removed the covering screw I encountered an adjustment screw with a screw driver slot so shallow that even a custom-made driver won't turn it. I imagine I could drill the screw and back it out with a left-handed thread extractor drill but I'd like to know if there is an easier (sic) way. Does anyone have experience with this problem?
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