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  1. Guys just joined and completely new to sewing machines never mind leather sewing machines. Your pictures and explanations are just what this newbie needed to find my way around the old 45K58 that I just bought. Constabulary is supplying me with the missing tension assembly and college has supplied two new springs. Hope you don’t mind me butting in to this discussion but just wanted to say thanks Frank
  2. hi, really grateful for your quick reply. glad to pay cost and postage to UK. Was starting to contemplate trying to put together a frankenstein which would not have worked in any case. I am on PayPal if that would make it easier. and thanks for the link to College sewing. hopefully my local sewing machine mechanic can keep me right once I get the parts. this is a fantastic site and superb forums. many thanks again. let me know how you would like to proceed. Frank
  3. hi new to Leatherworker.net so forgive me if I offend any protocols. I make knives for fun, retired civil servant. Got myself a Singer 45K58 that was left in garage for 3 plus years, maybe longer. I know nothing about sewing machines, just want to make a few nice sheaths for my knives. However, the 45/58 is missing the lower tension assembly and I cannot seem to find a replacement on internet (in UK) or local sites. My query is whether I could make a tesion assembly that would work or is their other non singer tension assembles out their that I could fit. An upholster friend has put me on to his sewing machine mechanic but I don’t want to ask him to give my machine the once over until I know it is complete. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.. ps. The belts were missing but I used a bit of rope to confirm that motor and machine work work well ...as far as I can tell. The clutch on motor is a bit clunky but that just might be lack of use. Have ordered some leather off internet for replacement belts Frank Duffin
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