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  1. Thanks Matt Thought it might be a cheap way to split leather. Glad I asked.
  2. How does this thing work? Is it a leather splitter? Is there a video somewhere showing it in action? Thanks!
  3. Thank you, really appreciate your advice. Love your stuff on imgur!
  4. I can certainly have look for you. But to be honest, my French skills aren't great either. I'm just at the beginning of my leather odyssey, so I'm just learning and I'm not sure I would feel comfortable giving anyone advice at this point. I get my leather from a local supplier. I have the good fortune to live very close to a bunch of leather houses, including the new Hermes factories here in the south west of France. So I have a few options for leather right here in my back yard. I hadn't heard of La Campanie des Tanneurs until you mentioned them. I did have one follow on question regarding Evo-Stik. A lot of people recommend it. Does it also use Solvents? I also found a water based glue last week that gets rave reviews and apparently is used by the likes of Hermes and others. I think I might try it.
  5. Wow! thank you so much. Very helpful info!
  6. Very good advice, thanks. I'm already following some people on youtube. Just thought some hands on tear downs might be useful.
  7. No question, trains are a great way to travel in France/Europe. It's just that as a person just starting a small leather business, every penny is precious. But I get your point.
  8. Hi, I would like to get my hands on some very cheap designer bags. They can be in awful condition. I want to pull them apart to see how they were made, the techniques and methods that take them to the next level. The kind of brands I'm thinking of are Hermes, Prada, Gucci etc. Thanks. G
  9. Lol, you've obviously never paid for a train ticket in France! Would make the cost of the glue rather expensive. But I get your point. I think, given the pandemic and all, I'll stay local. Renia Colle de Cologne seems to be the best choice that is accessible, affordable and like by many. Thanks :) I have not heard of some of these. I'm in the Charente, where are you?
  10. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their replies! I'm new to leatherworker.net but I am already blown away by how friendly and helpful everyone here is. It really is great to be part of such an inclusive, supportive community.
  11. Yes, a Canadian living in the south of France Based on the feedback, there seem to be two strong contenders here as well as from recognized youtubers; Renia Colle de Cologne and Evostik. RCC is much less expensive here in France. Evostik seems hard to find and if ordered from the UK, it's very expensive. So I think I'll go with RCC for now.
  12. Hi, There seems to be as many options as to what glue you should use for leather work as their are types of glue. Can anyone tell me what the right kind of glue is for making bags and wallets? PVA? Water based contact cement? Non water based contact cement? Something else? Thanks!
  13. Hi, Anybody know where to find a supplier in Europe? The only source I've come across so far is the buckle guy in the USA and that would add delivery and import duty. Looking for a supplier located on this side of the pond. Thanks
  14. Wow, you really know your stuff! Thanks. Do you have any suggestions for a first machine that is reliable, not expensive and can handle the items described? Are things like the Janome HD2200, HD9 or inger 4423 worth looking at? Assumed they're not up to the task. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. There is a 29k available locally in good condition for 450 but I was really hoping to get something powered and a bit more flexible.
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