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  1. Hi, Does any one know of a supplier or suppliers in Europe that will split leather to a requested thickness? Preferably in France but mainland Europe would be ok if they ship at a reasonable price. The UK is no longer an option post brexit. Thanks!
  2. Completely agree on the last point re buying quality. But sometimes reality dictates budget as is the case with me. Lost my job a few years ago after my company transfered me to France. So I'm stuck here with no employment options because of my inability to speak French fluently. I am doing this out of necessity, not for fun. If I had the money then I would buy the best tools possible. I don't. So I'm just looking to find the best options possible. My intent was never to buy/build a 40k machine, or a 7k machine for that matter. I'm just pretty good at building things ( I repurpose antique radios into internet/bluetooth systems with new electronics and speakers, for example). I thought maybe I could fashion something to speed up the production process and maybe help other people in the process with a new, out of the box, solution. So yes, many of my posts are about saving money. That's my reality for now.
  3. I've seen these things in action. I live in France near the Hermes facilities so at least once a year there are big trade shows here. As you say, not suitable for a little guy like me but very impressive to see in action! One other question, can you share the name/brand of the head? I wouldn't mind having a go at building my own cnc on a much smaller scale. Thanks
  4. Wow, sounds amazing, I think I would give up leather crafting and just play with the CNC all day
  5. The issue there is the cost of the cutter (10 tonnes or above) and the cutting dies. But I have seen some tutorials on how to make your own dies. Makes it difficult to prototype though. Need a new die for each change. Maybe I will give this a second look until I can afford a more elegant solution.
  6. 2k for an extractor!? I'm just starting out. 2k for the extractor and 5k for the cutter are waaaaaayyy beyond my budget for the time being. I was hoping to find a DIY option that I could build myself. Thanks for the advice though, I appreciate it.
  7. The first reason is the fumes that laser cutters produce with leather. None with water. The second reason is it can cut much thicker leather. This is a business for me so producing large numbers of items is important. Hand cutting won't cut it, excuse the pun.
  8. Would really appreciate recommendations for high quality leather suppliers (for making bags and cases) from France, Germany, Italy or the UK. I live in France so I'm trying to keep it as local as possible while keeping the costs down and the quality high.
  9. Hi, Has anyone come across a high pressure water cutter that is suitable for leather? The only ones I've seen start around 40k but there would seem to be a lot of advantages to using water vs laser, not least of which would be the fumes the laser creates. Thanks.
  10. Have you tried Ali Express? They have quite a few options and they deliver to the UK.
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