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  1. Hiya fellow crafters. Im attempting to create a “corset” type piece wet molded with a great deal of detail as I’m going for a high end finish. Im struggling to understand how I could get detailed impressions of the human anatomy (like the neck, rib and spine detail in the example pics I’ve attached) with a simple plastic mannequin used for a mold. I guess the ultimate question I have is; how do you think I could achieve the finer details that are molded or formed into the leather in the example pics I’ve attached? Thank you very much in advance photo credit: Instagram @jaciandcane
  2. Hi Everyone! Ive been a long time reader of this amazing resource and finally decided I should join the community. Ive worked with leather since I was a child (mostly out of necessity of living on a farm, it was NOT pretty) but only decided to pursue the artistic/finishing side of the craft in the past couple of years. Up until this point, I had been learning much about woodworking, metalworking, antiquity restoration and amateur motor mechanics which has earned me a rather nice workshop with a cool collection of tools and a sizeable, cringeworthy debt. After three years of learning about leathercraft, I know one thing; I know absolutely nothing about leathercraft haha. I'm immensely excited to have discussions with all of you in the near future and look forward to your constructive criticism when as I post the progress of this amazing craft. p.s I also have a deep passion for vintage and antique tools (leather tools of course) which I'll be posting up too.
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