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  1. SnagLeather

    Bonded Nylon Thread (207 and 277)

    ISO some bonded nylon thread in various colors. I mostly use 277 in the machine. Black, white and red are the favorites but I also stock some other colors (purple, blue, green, couple yellows, orange, etc). I prefer to buy it by the 1# spool but I'll manage with 1/2# spools as well. Thanks. I should mention that I'm in the States and definitely prefer to buy stateside if possible.
  2. SnagLeather

    Tippmann Boss "Handstitcher"

    I have a Tippmann Boss for sale. It includes all the accessories included in the photos. Included accessories are: Flatbed table with material guide, roller material guide, assortment of needles and tools, 8+ spare bobbins, Spare presser feet (fleece/fabric foot, left zipper, right zipper, center and standard), LED work light, and stirrup attachment base. Includes manual. I'm the original owner. I've had it for a little over a year but I haven't used it for a few months since I bought my Ferdco. I was planning on keeping it for a while but I have upgraded to a bigger and faster machine. This stitcher works great and does nice leatherwork. I will include a roll or two of serafil 10 (tex270/277) bonded polyester thread if you'd like. This machine sells for around $1400 new and includes several hundred in extra accessories to do just about anything you need. I'd really like to stick to local pickup in the Tucson, AZ, area but I would be willing to ship it if I have to. I'm asking $1150 for it and shipping would be extra. I need to scrounge up a heavy duty box to package it. I have the high-res photos available if you are interested. I wanted to get these on the post so I exported them lower quality.
  3. I can laser magnetic sticky back sheet stock for you if you need. It is black magnet sheet stock that is .025" thick and has a peel off sticky back lining. I don't have any minimums. Shipping to CA is usually less than $15 usd unless you want it faster. FYI, I'm in AZ, USA. EDIT: Oh wow, I just noticed the date on this! Hope you got it worked out.
  4. SnagLeather

    Laser Engraving Needed

    I think I replied to your other thread. Give me a buzz. I laser engrave leather all the time. Probably 4-5 days a week. I've done completed wallets as well. Here is one that I did for a charity auction. Not my wallet. I usually do more fire service types of leather work.
  5. SnagLeather

    Laser Engraving - One Off

    Rick- Did you get this worked out? I'm in Arizona and I've engraved on finished wallets before for other customers. Definitely doable. Let me know if you have any questions or still need this project done. Nate
  6. SnagLeather

    Leather laser cutting?

    Tried to send an email but it got rejected. Do you have a better email address? I laser leather almost daily. I am located in Arizona and I am willing to consider outside work at this time. Thank you.