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  1. The drill press attachment is: http://proedgeburnishers.com/index.html The Rocky Mountain Summit attachment is: https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/machines/products/rocky-mountain-summit-edge-sanding-and-burnishing-attachment?variant=29972344209517 HTH!
  2. I have a couple of options. 1) I use a few dremel tools. One is a plug-in, and has several speeds. The other is cordless, which only has two speeds. As others have mentioned- way too fast. 2) I do have a drill press with burnisher attachment. It’s in my garage due to limited space in the workshop, and I barely use it. 3) My current preferred method is my Rocky Mountain Leather Supply Creasing machine- Summit X2. It is a filleteuse, but it come with a burnisher attachment that is awesome!! You can really dial up or down the speeds to a slow crawl. It is SUPER quiet (compared to the above machines) as well which is a huge plus. it is expensive but it serves many other purposes (edge creasing, edge finishing, embossing w/ foil and plain heat) and is compact. Really suggest this! HTH!
  3. Are anodized, or black rivets a thing? I have standard copper rivets, but want to change it up a little. To clarify, I’m looking for the rivet with washer, not a double cap style. Does such a thing exist? I think Tandy sells an aluminum version but, it’s rated at light usage only. Otherwise, I’ve never seen them in any other color.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Question for everyone- Im looking into getting a foil embosser and have narrowed it down to either the new Tandy Pro, or Weaver foil stamper. Anyone have experience with either? Pro’s and Cons? Price range is $700, so a dreamfactory is out of the question. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  5. And to clarify- I’ve changed fabrics (down to two layers of cotton poplin for (PPE masks), needles, thread. Same issue. my maintenance guy is out of shop during the pandemic so That’s currently not an option. It just started recently (after a year of no issues), and don’t recall any specific event that may have disrupted timing. Has there been any reported fixes to this over the years?
  6. Reviving an old thread! Was this issue ever solved? I purchased a Juki 1541s new and am experiencing the same problem. It worked perfectly fine sewing through thick leather assemblies, and through layers of cordura/nylon until recently. When turning my work, the thread would pull upwards and look like a 45 degree stitch as opposed to a neat 90 degree stitch. Changing needles, thread, or tension, doesn’t alleviate anything. I attached an image below and highlighted the issue. This was just scrap leather that i was experimenting on tension trying to fix the issue so excuse all the tension issues.
  7. The only thing I’d consider trading for is a good condition Chartermade skiving knife. I’ll cover the additional cost.
  8. Hey everyone! I recently switched my Sinabroks pricking irons from a 3.0 to a 3.38 and 3.85. So I no longer need the 3.0 set. For sale is a “like new” 2 AND 5 tooth set of Sinabroks pricking iron’s in 3mm spacing. They were purchased at Buckleguy (excellent company by the way). I honestly have probably used the 5 tooth punch less than 5 times, and the 2 tooth set around 10 times. I am letting this set go for $130 shipped via USPS w/ confirmation. I’ll ship the set in the Sinabroks boxes to avoid damage while in transit. Payments via Paypal with gift/cash option. Sorry I want to avoid the extra fee’s. —Edited To add; shipping only to the Continental US. PM me if interested. Rich
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