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  1. I have seen several comments, on different videos and posts, that say the angle of the rise is usually determined by what the customer wants. Looking at some pics of custom saddles, most I have looked at have a low, gradual rise. While I have seen production saddles that are steep rise abruptly. What are you thoughts on the pros and cons of the rise on the ground seat.
  2. I have one pattern made already, like the stohlman book shows. I think I will modify it some. Pondering how to work around my stirrup strap slots. I think I may have an issue with the slot under the tree being too narrow. I am gonna cut my straps and see if it looks like it will work.
  3. What’s your preference on mounting breast collar dee’s and other small Dee rings? Rawhide, pre made metal tabs, or leather? Pro’s and con’s of each?
  4. So as most of the guys who have been commenting on my post and helping me out greatly know, I am trying to build my first saddle. It’s for a mule and I ordered a HF tree and it had issues. So I went the custom route and ordered one, which came in this past fall. Due to time issues, I am just now getting back on this project. I been watching the Jeremiah Watt video and learning from it too. I started laying out where my stirrup will lay on the tree. Using the method that Jeremiah Watt uses, he suggest 3 3/8” clearance fir a 3” leather. He also says they should be squared to each other. So as I started laying out on my tree I find I can’t square them up perfect because of the stirrup slots being slightly offset from each other. If I split the difference I end up with almost 3 1/16” but the edges will be riding on the radius of the slots. Am I over thinking this and trying to be too perfect?
  5. What’s the best thickness to use? I have some spare 9/10oz I was gonna use, but wasn’t sure if it would be too light.
  6. I am in the process of making my patterns. In the stohlman book it shows the fender leg departing at a forward angle, If the fender was hanging down. Is this normal or is it one of their designs they preferred to use?
  7. Do you happen to have a link to the article?
  8. What diameter and size of ss ring shank do you use? I found several styles online. Cedar siding nails 1” and up, and roofing nails with s big head. 2d I believe.
  9. The pics help a lot. Is there any modification to the Stanley spoke shave? i have the Jeremiah Watt videos coming in. Dusty Smith sent me a message Friday and said my tree is shipping out this weekend. Made me a round knife while I was waiting. Along with a lot of knife sheaths, to practice stitching and tooling. Things are starting to come together.
  10. What’s your favorite rust preventative for tools on your bench. Made a sheath for my new round knife, let it dry for a couple of weeks before I put it in, but it still rusted in a couple of spots. I was using ballistol oil on it.
  11. I got the watt dvds ordered. Tree should be getting close to getting made. Went with Dusty Smith and he was @3 months out 3.5 months ago, So hopefully it won’t be much longer. Already had ordered 2 13-15 HO from panhandle, along with a sheepskin. Already have my hardware, except fir nails and tacks. Could you steer me in the right direction on sizes and suppliers. The Stohlman books call for blued tacks, but I have seen many in the forum suggest stainless.
  12. Hate to ressurect an old post, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. What thicknes do the 2 sizes cover? I see 2 sizes listed on several sights. They just say fir thick leather and medium thickness. What oz. range would that equal?
  13. I rented a video on ground seat installation off of Giddyup flix. I can’t remember the guys name that was doing it, but he stated that the way the tree maker built the bars, determined how the ground seat is built up. He was putting in plugs and risers, then the tin strainer, one layer of skirting on the front section and one over the whole seat area. When I watched the Dusty Johnson video, he had no risers, but more layers of leather. the Stohlman books deal with an all leather ground seat, so their technique is different. I ordered my tree from Dusty Smith, if anyone is familiar with his trees, would you share your technique for doing a ground seat with tin strainer?
  14. What would you suggest as an optimum weight? I would assume the back of the cantles could work with a lighter weight too.
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