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  1. Has anyone replaced the needle bar on an Adler 167? I am pretty sure I have all of the necessary manuals but I am not finding any real help with performing this task.in any of them. This is my fist time working on a walking foot and would appreciate any and all guidance. Thanks!
  2. This is AWESOME Uwe! Thanks for the share...servicing this machine for my first customer!
  3. I am having bottom tension issues on a couple of Juki DLN 9010A-SH...one brand new machine and another that is only about 8 months used. The issue is bad tension on the underside of the fabric only when the machine is doing a reverse stitch using either the reverse lever or the reverse button. Tension is great when sewing forward. Things that I have checked adjusted, re-adjusted, tweaked, changed you name it: Machine head properly threaded Brand new needle size 18, installed correctly Bobbin tension Burs on hook Needle & hook timing Check spring tension Presser foot tension Feed dog height and positioning Put new feed dog and needle plate on Tried different presser feet Measured forward and reverse stitch length which both came out equal Am I missing something or is there a problem much deeper in the machine?
  4. Definitely helps! I did not realize there was an option like this. Thanks for the information!
  5. I have a Juki DNU-421H with a clutch motor. I want to upgrade to a servo motor and needle synchronizer/positioner. Would appreciate recommendations on brands and where to buy here in the USA. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Tom! My first time posting so I appreciate the help. Now just waiting on replies!
  7. Greetings, I am trying to find a part for the knee lift component on a Pfaff 463. I've looked at the parts manual and noticed part # 91-027-296-15 is now considered an earlier version and needs to be replaced with part # 91-171-412-91 (Pg. 87). The issue I am running into is that the right angle coupling sleeve from the older component has been replaced by a vertical piece that will not connect to the presser bar lifting mechanism in the machine head because the old mechanism has a transverse driving pin that is in the shape of a "T" but the new vertical coupling sleeve (#91-171-542-91) requires a transverse driving pin that is in the shape of an "L" Can I tap the old pin in to an "L" or does that entire presser bar lifting mechanism need replaced? If it does need replaced can you advice with what and a part number? And can you supply this new piece? I already have the new knee lift component (# 91-171-412-91).
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