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  1. Just bought a 345 and the seller kindly sent me a link to the manual. Hopefully this link works and helps https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1328774/Pfaff-343.html?page=10#manual
  2. Wallet was designed on the computer. Holds 7 cards. Has an ejector lever to fan cards out to see what’s what 3D printed in PLA Wrapped in leather 2 hours design, 2 hours for print, 2 hours to figure out how to sew leather this thin with an industrial machine, 30mins to get tight fitting leather over wallet. Touch of contact cement on corner near ejector lever and end where cards come out Next time with print the wallet with black PLA or another material so the exposed edges don’t stand out so much
  3. I’d like to buy a Fur Sewing machine and the prices on Alibaba are quite cheap! Only a couple options on Aliexpress Cant find any North American suppliers any cheaper than 2k CAD to my door I have done only one transaction on alibaba in the past and it was for a 12’ rigid hull inflatable boat and the process went pretty well. Custom made colour option. The site and its sellers seem to cater more to volume transactions and not single items. The boat was sent in a shipping container and I needed to go to the port to clear customs. With a sewing machine thinking of asking for a parcel delivery such as fedex. Assuming it might be a couple hundred for shipping?? Or if anyone has a used fur sewing machine in Canada or the US and would ship that’s an option too. Looks like the price would be well below $1000 on alibaba so not sure if someone could compete
  4. Going on my second pair of these sheep skin slippers and really love them! This current pair is on the 3rd season. I wear them mostly indoors but make the occasional trip outside to the shop I recently picked up a Juki flatbed machine to do upholstery and figure some of the work can be done with it. Like replacing the leather soles. I spent a few hours and made up a binding attachment (photo below) The sheep skin insoles and some of the assembly is done with what I believe is similar to a techsew 202 (disc feed fur sewing machine) Is there another name for this type of machine? My google skills are failing right now
  5. Does this singer have any reverse and capable of canvas and piping upholstery?
  6. Great thanks for the advice. I’d like to call the guy today about this. Only question I have right now is being a double needle machine will this have any effect on using it as a single needle and option for foot to do piping?
  7. Got another machine offered today. No model # provided but may have discovered it’s a 138? Doesn’t look like a walking foot though so would have to pass. Anyone know of the model of Singer that is in the first post?
  8. Thanks for the advice. Called upholstery shops far and wide today looking for another Juki or any walking foot for that matter and nothing... There is a local Pfaff 145 for sale, but not a walking foot. Does have a brushless servo motor so was gonna buy that too and swap motors. They didn’t reply though. Don’t need a double needle. Just what has been offered so far
  9. First post here! Hope all are well... Was referred to this site by a kind stranger offering advice in a wanted ad. I’m actually looking for a machine to do boat upholstery including piping, vinyl seats, canvas tops etc.... Made a deal on a Juki 563 yesterday to pick up today with a trailer but the guys wife wouldn’t let him sell it Had a guy send pictures of a couple older walking foot machines. He said make an offer, having no idea what model # each or them are would like to know if they’re worthwhile for my intended purpose and if so what to offer. The Adler is a double needle machine, closest thing I’ve found is a 167? but might be missing a bar on top. Second is obviously a Singer but no idea what model any help would be appreciated, thanks
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