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  1. dikman - True. OMG I've learned so much. Feeling pretty confident with industrial machines now having no users manual. I may even fix my Singer and Chinese Patcher ; ) Compared to that 335, how hard could they be? LOL! kgg - So true. That would have been such a pain. I was convinced I needed to order the Techsew after having issues with the 335. But now I have a machine pretty similar to the Techsew 2750 pro and it came in about a grand less and I have it today, I'm making items right now. And if there is an issue, they will fix it with just a quick drive to Downtown as a drop off. So thankful you suggested them. It would have been easy to let me struggle with this, I admire the confidence in helping.
  2. Update: I took the 335 back. It was not accepting #138 thread at all. I got it to sew with thinner thread, but the feet left heavy marks on my leather and it was fighting me a lot. We ended up switching it out to the 3341. They smoothed out the feet, light as feathers now. He switched out the motor to add a speed reducer and I got one of the pull down guides. It was a bit more money but worth every penny. He was awesome once again and I'm again happy with my experience. We'll see how the machine works during my production schedule though but if it stitches the way it was in the warehouse, I couldn't want anything more. At least the 335 was fighting the technician in the warehouse as well, felt better knowing it wasn't just my inexperience with this machine. Oh and I got a users manual, but it's in Chinese. Pictures are fairly clear though, I think I'm going to be fine. This machine isn't exactly complicated. So hopefully my life got a bit easier. ; )
  3. Yes, pretty sure I got the AT 335. I've been tinkering with it and haven't gotten it to stitch yet because I didn't get a manual (he is mailing it to me, he couldn't find it) and well, theres been some adjustment period type problems. I also am using a 138 thread that I had bought for the singer, so tensioning and making sure I have the right needle has taken a bit of research. I noticed that the feet leave marks on my leather and I'm not thrilled about that, especially the Buttero scraps I've tried. I was hoping that was a matter of finding the right pressure for the walking foot or maybe exchanging the walking foot for one that is higher end but right now I'm just trying to get it to work in between hand stitching items I need to finish this week. Details are going to have to come later. I had wanted to use it to stitch a strap I was making, but it isn't ready yet and I need the strap by Friday (along with other items). This hasn't yet solved my problems and I am a tiny bit concerned that I am going to have invested in another machine that doesn't allow me to do what I was hoping it would do. But the good news is that I can take it back in and he will probably try to help me with any of the issues I'm having. I always try to solve things on my own, but it's nice to know I have back up if needed.
  4. I am now the proud owner of an Atlas. Thank you kgg for that suggestion. He was such a character, so informative and talked me down from the $1800 AT3441 I went in for to a smaller $1400 machine that he felt would suit my business better. He sat there and fiddled with the settings until we found the stitch that I liked. He showed me how to do the binding feature, which I now can't wait to bind thousands of things. He made the tabletop custom right there in the store and carried on a pleasant conversation while doing it. I feel really good about this purchase. I mean he would not let me leave the store unless the machine was perfect, as we were loading it into the suv he noticed a couple of the bolts were loose and insisted on tightening them, crouching in the gutter in front of the store and he cleaned the machine off-including the foot pedals. I'm so impressed. I left with an array of goodies, a spool of thread, scissors, tape measure. And he asked me to ask him questions. He said it was a simple machine and he would give me instructions any time I got stuck. I felt very well cared for. Just what I had hoped for. We set her up tonight, I'm going to give her a spin tomorrow, it's been quite a day but I just wanted to thank everyone for the help!
  5. Thanks so much for that advise. Really appreciate any heads up. I don't do wallets at all right now, but have been getting requests (for gifts) so thought I should at least try to cover that base. If the AT 3341 does what it looks like it does, it may not be THE perfect machine, but it seems like it will allow me to at least get started on producing at a better rate than I have been with hand stitching. Plus if I find I love wallets or they are in demand, I wont be bummed about the cylinder arm. As a maker I am itching to get stuff made and stop tinkering around with gear. I love gear too but I kinda need to produce to buy it. Update about the Techsew scenario. Apparently the charges did go through, but my bank is telling me that Techsew tried to put both charges through at the same time as one charge and my card has a limit of $3000 for one day, that's why they rejected it, it was for over $4000 (their site told me the charges could not be processed because my cart was empty?). Now I'm not accusing Techsew of anything because my bank could be telling me tales, they are fully capable, but that is what they said happened. And it's weird it told me the cart was empty. It also surprises me that Techsew would not honor the deal they had just the day before when apparently the charge WAS submitted. But no crying over spilled milk. Moving on. Besides, I really would prefer to not wait for the few weeks it would take to get here even if they did honor it. So this might all be for the best. If this Atlas machine works out even just as a starter machine then my life get much easier much quicker. Excited that this crazy adventure might be over soon.
  6. Can do. The only one I can barely squeak by with is the AT 3341. It takes a 207 thread fairly easily and they say it can go higher (not even sure I'll want to go higher but it's nice to have options). BUT I probably need a speed reducer and a double deck for wallets and flat items. Pretty tight budget wise so we'll see what they say. They have a refurbished Juki as well which might be an option.. hopefully they have some more options than what is listed on the site. We shall see ; )
  7. Yetibelle: The Cobras are nearly twice my budget unfortunately.
  8. Thanks Yetibelle, I'll take a look. I'm going over to Atlas Levy on Saturday to see what they have. Frodo: I was thinking about it, but I need to get a machine that works before I let go of that one. It's probably just a couple tweeks to get it working, but I don't know exactly what those are. I also have the other head for the 1914 Singer 29k. Definitely selling that one. The head looks fine, but I don't have the skills to fix the wheel.
  9. Great idea. Thank you, that sounds like a smart way to do it.
  10. Hi there, I'm a new member to the site but have been researching and reading posts for years on leatherworking, I've finally taken the plunge, set up shop and started producing Italian and French leather purses. Usually use leather in the 3oz range. Quickly became tired of hand stitching (although it can be very relaxing) and decided to order a machine. So started researching but wow it is complicated. People on here and Youtube indicated that a Singer 29k patcher might be a good starter and since it is so pleasing to look at, I took the plunge and bought a classic black and gold one from 1914. Paid a pretty penny and it got here damaged from shipping (the main metal shaft was bent where the wheel is, we took off the wheel and it was cracked from the impact and the cast iron bobbin winder was broken in two needing welding). Total nightmare, but I got a partial refund (the treadle was perfect) which I immediately invested some of it into another head, this time a 29k71 with a motor. I've been tinkering with it and can't get it to stitch right, it leaves heavy marks from the feet, plus it leaks oil. So after having a long talk with my husband we both decided that I probably should buy a brand new machine that comes with instructions and tech support because although I do love machines, I love leather crafting much more and would like to get back to producing purses and wallets. We can sell the other machines. I decided on a Techsew 2700 and lucky for me they had a sale yesterday and it was about $1500. I put the machine, a table top and a guide into the cart and then all my information and when I got to shipping it told me I no longer had anything in my cart. So I did it again. Same thing except this time it let me get to the purchase page. So I sent them an email stating I intend to buy the 2700 and asked a detail about their shipping. They replied this morning so I went back to the site and the machine is now $200 more, no longer on sale. ACK!! I sent an email to see if they will honor yesterdays price (oh please) but have not heard back (actually I just checked and they say they cannot honor the price because not only do they think it was because I hadn't authorized the amount beforehand with my card, but because they are out of stock. OK, thems the breaks). SOOooooo, this gives me the opportunity to ask... I'd like a machine with the capability to do heavier thread because stitching is beautiful. I really love the stitches I've seen from the Sailrite Fabricator but it is a flatbed and I worry that I will have trouble with seaming leather purses. I also love the reverse twist needles. I need to keep this purchase around $1500 (the Techsew was going to be $1800ish with everything). And I can't seem to find a new cylinder arm in that price range. Anyone have any suggestions? Is this an impossible quest? I tried this on my own, now it's time to ask for help... ; )
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