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  1. Arturomex

    Edge Paint Applicators

    Hey, thanks for those replies. How well does that Giardini roller box work, Tor? I'm actually waiting right now for a couple of those new wands like the ones @garypl posted. I'd really like this edge paint thing to work out but I'm still on the fence about it and I have to make a decision fairly soon about whether or not to pursue it further this year. Winter is approaching and I like to have all my liquids in before the freezing weather arrives. Giardini is on the Italian summer break right now so I have until the end of the month to decide. In the interim, I've been making folded edges. A little finicky at times but the results are really nice. Regards, Arturo
  2. What's your location and what's your price?
  3. Arturomex

    Bell Skiver, Top and Bottom Feed,

    Good choice. I can't speak for others but I think a bell skiver is one of the best investments I've made in a long time. I hope you'll feel the same way. Please, keep us posted. Regards, Arturo
  4. Arturomex

    Bell Skiver, Top and Bottom Feed,

    My understanding is that those Nippy feet would fit any comparable machine. If you'd be kind enough to share what Nippy has available, it'd be appreciated. Wiser people here have advised to get a machine with vacuum. I balked at the price for that and opted not to. If I was doing it again, I'd go for the vacuum. Regards, Arturo
  5. Arturomex

    Bell Skiver, Top and Bottom Feed,

    I don't know if those are Nippy presser feet or not. I've been trying to track these guys down for a while. On Youtube, the notes attached to the video Jimi posted are in Vietnamese. The website doesn't seem to exist anymore and a search for the trading company that was (is ?) out of Taiwan hasn't brought me any joy. I also would like to get some presser feet from these guys but I think I'm going to go with Campbell-Randall instead just to save headaches. I'm told that Nippy makes good machines but you certainly don't need to go that route. TechSew, Cowboy and Cobra all offer their version of this clone. I recently got a TechSew SK-4 and I'm very happy with it. While I haven't had to call them about this machine I've talked with their service department about a sewing machine I have and there's a lot to be said for being able to easily communicate with a vendor. You referenced "higher temper Herman Oak 3-4oz (1-2mm) leather." It might be a good idea to see how well your leather skives with the supplied presser feet. They can change the leather substantially. Brian (RockyAussie) says he does everything with a roller foot. (Check his videos -he shows how he modified the roller foot.) As a novice, I'm not sure but I think a roller type foot mitigates a lot of the problems caused by using the regular presser feet on, say, tooling leather. Maybe someone with more experience can comment about that. Regards, Arturo
  6. Arturomex

    Brine shrimp!

    That's great! Are all those fish from the eggs in your pond?
  7. Arturomex

    Yucraft creasing machine

    You're not just limited to the edge of the leather, either. There are heads available that will allow you to "freehand" anywhere on the surface. To expand on what Spyros said, it's very common to heat and rework edge paint like Fenice after it's been applied. It's really nice to have a good, constant temperature when you're doing that kind of thing. It looks like Spyros got a good deal.
  8. Arturomex

    European Aristocrat's Leather Cartridge Belt.

    I'm curious about the construction of the cartridge cases. Are they open at the bottom?
  9. Arturomex

    Techsew Problems

  10. Arturomex

    Brine shrimp!

    That's great! Beautiful! Any chance of a longer clip? This one is only a teaser.
  11. Arturomex

    Facehugger mask pattern

    Nice work there. Regards, Arturo
  12. Arturomex

    European Aristocrat's Leather Cartridge Belt.

    That's very cool. I found some of the information in the National Park Service "Consvervogram" Number 9/1 from July, 1993 most interesting. Regards, Arturo Convservogram.pdf
  13. Arturomex

    Techsew Problems

    Hey, thanks, Frodo.
  14. Arturomex

    Techsew Problems

    Not looking to jack this thread but what does "run 1 needle size down" mean?
  15. Arturomex

    Edge Paint Applicators

    Yeah, that's my concern as well, Chuck. Then again, once they get saturated it might not be so bad. I'll report back when I've tried out a few options.