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  1. Agreed. But I find there's a difference between a round knife and a head knife. Having said that, I find myself using my Japanese leather knives more and more. Not terribly expensive and if you're willing to spend some time putting an edge on them they're very sharp. Regards, Arturo
  2. Full agreement, Ferg. The argument could be made that, "You don't have to read the political posts if you don't want to," but the animosity generated will spill into other areas of the forum and poison it all. Arturo
  3. True, but it's the Craftool stamps that I want to replace. And Tandy has burned me once too often. I won't deal with them again.
  4. I'm looking to replace some Craftool camouflage stamps. Specifically the C425, C431 and C433 stamps. I'd like something sharper with better line definition as close to those sizes as possible. I've been looking at a couple of the smaller Barry King lined camouflage stamps but it's a little difficult to estimate sizes. (Would it kill vendors to actually measure stamps and put that information on their sites? I exempt Sergey Neskromniy from that comment - a tip of my hat to you Sergey - I wish you made what I'm looking for.) Not fixed on the King stamps and would welcome any recommendations you can offer. Thanks, Arturo
  5. LOL Sounds a lot like a recent election.
  6. I'm happy to hear you and yours are OK. Thanks for the reminders that life is indeed short and that we need to share our love. Regards, Arturo
  7. Yes, harness leather is veg tanned but it's stuffed. The oils and waxes prevent the leather from absorbing water. Regards, Arturo
  8. I think, perhaps, Frodo was just having a little fun.
  9. OK - I just got it from a reliable source that he's not at the military base anymore. He's on the move to that secret underwater UFO base in the South Pacific. You know, the one Obama knew about but kept all hush hush. (I read about it on the internet.)
  10. I have a Badger 150 siphon/bottom feed that came in a "kit" labelled "Professional 150-7" that included a color cup, a couple of bottles, three needle/nozzle assemblies, (fine - .22millimeter, medium .50 millimeter, and large .75 millimeter) and a hose, I'm using it with a Badger "Breeze" air pump which, according to the specs on the box, provides 10.0L/Min with a pressure of 2-15 psi. As ScottWolf points out, it's a nice, middle of the road price point for a good product. I think the kit cost me about $118 and the pump was $85. I haven't felt the need to buy anything else to supplement this set up. My specific reason for buying this was to apply finish coats of Resolene 1:1 on antiqued leather without smearing the antique. It works well for this and, of course, applying finish on other types of leather as well. I don't use it for dye base coats because I like more penetration but I have tried a few airbrush "effects" over the base dye using Fiebing's Professoinal dye and they turned out as expected. I'd like to get some Golden airbrush acrylic and work out a nice application system for putting that on leather. Hope you get what you need. Regards, Arturo
  11. Yes, more or less. I usually go about 5/8 of an inch from hole edge to hole edge.
  12. I'm in agreement with JCUK regarding the rivet and he's correct about the concho. It's just a Chicago screw with lipstick on it. I've used the "tie" method regularly. Two holes, thong and bleed knots. You want to check the soundness of the thong and knots regularly. Regards, Arturo
  13. Chicago screws can "undo" themselves at times. If you do go that route you might want to put a drop of Loctite down. Regards, Arturo
  14. I don't really like the self healing mats unless I'm using a rotary cutter. Then they're great. Otherwise I find my knife blades tend to hang up in them. Regards, Arturo
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