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  1. I thought the Cobra Class 26 was also a clone of the LS-341. In addition to the Cobra Class 26 and Cowboy CB 341, Techsew also offers an LS-341clone as the 2750.
  2. Glad to know you've been successful. I'm not understanding the problem you've had with other bobbins. Are they not interchangeable between the 441 class machines? What seems to be the difference? Regards, Arturo
  3. @AzShooter don't know your age or medical background but it might be worth seeing a doctor. Regards, Arturo
  4. Well done. That's a nice piece of work. Merry Christmas to you. Arturo
  5. Here's a link to an interesting little article about these boxes. "The Making Of An 18th Century British Army Cartridge Box." https://bantarleton.tumblr.com/post/155579468590/the-making-of-an-18th-century-british-army
  6. Colorado Department of Agriculture: https://ag.colorado.gov/brands/livestock-brands
  7. Uwe has a video on Youtube about the 205-370 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERgFQjsVG3s If you've already watched it, I apologize for the redundancy but pretty much everything he puts up there is worth watching... There was also some discussion here: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/93361-adler-205-spacers/
  8. In answer to your question about a list of feet for your new machine, (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) I believe a Juki 1341 will take most any foot listed for Singer 111 machines. As Wiz noted, there's a lot of them out there. While shipping can take a bit of time, I've found that Cutex, on ebay, has a great selection at reasonable prices. Regards, Arturo
  9. I have a Techsew 4800 machine that's been running very well for me. It's well maintained and well lubricated. Was sewing 92 on the top and 69 on the bottom yesterday when I noticed a sound that I believe is something rubbing on, well, something else and I can't find it. It seems to be happening on the upstroke and doesn't seem to be affecting the quality of the stitch. The sound is not there if I run the machine with the feet lifted and it's not there if I run it with the needle through leather without any thread in it. Opened the side cover and all seems to be OK there. Took the end cap off and can't find any problems with the feed dog. Hook? Any advice on what to look for next would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Art
  10. Thanks @kgg. I bought a variable speed 5/8" shaft unit from Canadian Tire last year looking to do the same thing that you've done. The clerk assured me it was threaded SAE and the damn thing was threaded metric. Canadian Tire doesn't seem to like giving refunds even when it's their mistake. I finally got tired of messing around with it and them so I just use it as a buffer now. Your success and detailed description has inspired me to give it another shot. Regards, Arturo
  11. That looks great! Is that shaft threaded in SAE or metric? Regards, Arturo
  12. Thanks, fellas. Appreciate the input. I'm going to try both the Wawak and RML tapes. I'm up in TGWN and don't get the free shipping from RML but I'm pretty sure I can talk myself into a few other things from them to make it worthwhile. LOL Thanks again, Arturo
  13. I've searched the site looking for references/recommendations for double sided tape and followed several links to the Wawak site that are now dead. I think one or two of them said that Wiz had recommended a certain tape (Victory?) from Wawak that they don't seem to sell anymore. I see they have Super-Strong Double Sided Vinyl/Leather Basting Tape listed under the Wawak brand name. I'm machine sewing and looking for something that isn't going to gum needles up. Is this a good replacement for the tape referenced in the dead links? I'm open to other suggestions but I'm going to place an order with Wawak for some other things this week and I'd like to save shipping from another supplier if I can. Thanks, Arturo
  14. I have a Techsew SK-4 machine without the vacuum suction. I now wish I'd purchased the setup with the suction. Regards, Arturo
  15. The Cowboy 6900 and Techsew 4800 are clones of the Juki LS1342. I have the Techsew and I'm very happy with it. Brian knows a lot more about these machines than I do and I'm sure he can tell you much more. Regards, Arturo
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