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  1. I have a question. I have a C.S. Osbourne safety skiver and I can't seem to make it work for crap. I can get it to cut a little but for the most part it just wants to slide on top of the leather. I have put a new blade in it and tried it again, but it still won't cut to save my hide. Any ideas as to why it is not working or is it me? Thanks
  2. Can I please gain access to this section as well, much appreciated.
  3. On one of the FB pages that I am on, they recommended to use kangaroo lace, which is supposed to be so much stronger and wear resistant. Thank you for the picture and ideas.
  4. I will be doing a couple of belts, one for me and one for my brother. i was curious if you could do lacing on a belt such as a Mexican weave, or would the sliding of the belt through the loops when changing the pants wear the lacing and ruin it? i plan on lining the belts, and didn't know if that would change anything such as trying to lace through both layers, or lace the top layer and then place the back layer on and sandwich the back of the lacing between the layers which would effectively stop the belt from being replaced in the future. Or should i just forget the idea and just tool it like most belts are done?
  5. How does it compare to the Juki DDL8700?
  6. I am new to leather working, and am looking for a sewing machine at a reasonable price to get started doing the things I want to do, such as belts, pad folios, wallets, purses and other lighter leather things. I was pursuing craigslist for my state and came across a Juki DDL5550-6 that comes with a table and a brushless servo motor. for under $500. I did a search in the archives for this machine but could not find anything on it, I also searched the web and did not really find any reviews from others on it either(maybe I am just looking in the wrong spots?). Is this a good price for the machine, when were they made, how hard is it to get parts or service for the machine, as well as what kind of weights could I expect to be able to sew with the machine if it is even worthy of doing leather work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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