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  1. If anyone has one please let me know. Thanks, Scootch
  2. I've been waiting for one of his knives to post on his website for months. Two weeks ago there was a Klenda in stock. It wasn't the one I was looking for but guess I should have bought it. Clay Miller also posted one a little while back with his custom handle material. The time I talked with Terry he said he wasn't taking orders and to keep an eye on his website. That conversion took place in April of this year. Scootch
  3. Your holsters look nice. My preference would be to use a larger edge beveler for a little more roundness. On the bottom right corners I would adjust the pattern to where there is enough leather that you can add one horizontal stitch so that your perimiter stitch line doesnt run into the vertical stitch line too soon. Practice on your method of developing your stitch line. The gun fits well on the trigger guard but you're a little off on the dust cover stitch line. Again, nice job. Scootch
  4. I'd start by looking at concealed carry purses for women. Also find out if your customer wants a separate easy access compartment or if they want it in the main compartment. Depending on what they want will help determine how much retention you need for the holster. An external easy access pocket might require a fully retained holster where as a deeply concealed pocket in the main body would not. Scootch
  5. Do you have a style or pattern you're interested in? I find the smaller the stamp the more difficult it is not to have a crooked one, especially a smaller stamp on thicker leather. I also do better making my first row of stamps on the same side of the layout line. Some folks alternate each side of the layout line on the first pass. I find this approach more to be difficult. Scootch
  6. For sharpening my round knife I use a mouse pad atop a granite precision ground surface plate wit automotive sandpaper in the 400 to 600 grit range then strip with green rouge. If you dont want a convex edge, skip the mouse pad and wet the sandpaper so it'll stick to the surface plate. I find with stropping my tools seldom need real sharpening however I dont use them everyday. I have a spyderco medium ceramic in my amazon cart but havent pulled the trigger yet. They are supposed to be a good all around stone. Scootch
  7. Is this the common wooden type of cutter? I've never had a problem with curving but only on the last 3 or 4 inches of the strap just before it releases from the cutter. One issue I had has the strip would get slightly wider as I cut. The part that held the blade would slip a little under the wing nut. The firmer the leather the more it would slip. Keep a sharp blade, tighten the wing nut with pliers and set the opening width to where it's not pinching on the leather that way you're not pull harder than you need to. Scootch
  8. I found this one for you all. It's with the original sheath. The knife is German made. Scootch
  9. Are you asking what tools you need to tool oak leaves as pictured? Scootch
  10. Nice go at it. A little while back I drew my first after watching Don's course. I started through it a second time but realize now that I got distracted! The biggest issue I've found is beveling makes every thing smaller or thinner so draw everything fatter than you think it needs to be. Scootch
  11. A friend of mine filled an american gator tag last year and asked me to make a holster. I've finished the holster to the point it either needs a finish coat or not. I don't see that its necessary but I'm ignorant to the topic. Do items made from gator benefit from a top coat or not? If so, what's recomended? Scootch
  12. The first 7 holes were drilled. After that all the holes were marked with pricking irons but just pricked. I continued about halfway down the long side with the awl and stitching pony. From that point I was pretty frustrated and laid the scabbard flat on a vinyl pad and tapped the awl through with my light mallet. I was using a BK awl handle and blade. Regardless how tight the collet was the awl blade would continue slide into the handle. My 8.5 spi irons have long thin blades and i'll usually go though the first layer and welt with them but these Goods Japan irons make a huge hole. I didn't think about using the Boss. Usually on scabbards and holsters I'll hand sew because the distance is short and it its not worth trying to set the tension on the Boss. Thanks, Scootch
  13. Thanks for the input and compliments. Be blessed. Scootch
  14. My dad asked me to make this for his friend. I learned a lot and had fun. Other than a few pocket knife sheaths and a small fixed blade EDC sheath this is it. I had to drill the holes on the top long edge because I couldn't get an awl through it and the stitch line was wiggly until I figured out how to get through the the thick leather leather in a reasonably straight manner. Any comments are welcome, constructive or otherwise. Scootch
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