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  1. Looks great. I'm ready for a sewing machine too. Hand stitching a 53" belt is no fun!
  2. Eric51767

    Plague Mask

    It brought in $200. Not bad but I thought it would do better.
  3. Eric51767

    Plague Mask

    WTF Custom Leather Works. It's below the chin.
  4. Eric51767

    Plague Mask

    I found the pattern from Dieselpunk Ro on line and thought it would make a great raffle item for a buddies ride coming up. It came out great.
  5. So, after hours of meticulous work I have two problems with this holster. It was separating at the welt. I added a second stitch line, which fixed the problem and looks good on the front, but like shit on the back. It was an after thought, If it had been laid out in advance like the rest of the stitch lines it wouldn't look like that. This was just an experiment. There is no customer waiting on it. I wanted to see what the cross would look like and I was curious to see if I could keep white stitching white. They look good and other then that extra line I'm happy with the stitching. All stitched by hand. The thing that turns this into something I can't even give to one of my sons, is the last step. The snap on the retention strap. The longest snaps I have been able to find are Line 24 with a 5/16 post. Too short to pass thru an 7-9 oz shell and lining. There has to be snaps with a longer post????? I was soooo happy with this until about an hour ago.
  6. That's a good idea, thanks
  7. Eric51767

    double shoulder 2.jpg

    That came out nice.....I'd be interested in how you handled the back of the rig.
  8. The carving looks great initially. I assume your using at least a 7/8 oz leather. Less time in the water would help preserve the stamping when you form the holster. 15-17 seconds. If I need a little more, I just dip it back in. Blue Guns are fairly cheap and they generally come with a dowel for the sight channel. And you don't have to worry about your gun, or a customers gun getting wet. If you don't have a slot punch, a round punch at either end and an xacto knife the to remove the rest of the material will give you the right shape.
  9. That is awesome work! I like what you did with the handle and the straps. I made one for my Grandsons Henry and the handle I attached turned out to be a nightmare to stitch.
  10. My son wore it for the pictures. I adjusted it to him so it would fit snug. He said it was comfortable and there wasn't any restriction in his range of motion. I take you point, I wanted it stable and secure to keep the draw as smooth as possible.
  11. Haha..... The customer was thinking more along the lines of Crocodile Dundee. I did tell him to go back and watch the movie because he draws the knife down and not up.
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