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    Knife making stock removal, Forging,I make random and feather Damascus. I have made most of my knifemaking equip.
    I am retired.

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  1. Is it possible to get a narrow presser foot for this machine. Also would like a needle plate with a narrow slot. Help TJ Smith
  2. Bought a Cowboy Outlaw from Richard 3 weeks ago.Delievery was right on and had good tracking. Packaged very well no problems. Had some issue's with skipping stitches so I called him. Had a couple things to try and said to call back if they didn't work.Didn't work so I called him back aand he hooked me up with a guy named neil. Neil knew exactly what was wrong and clued me in.Its working fine now,Iwoud buy again. Take care TJ Smith
  3. Ok I think I got it. best stitch yet. Not enough thread to put a nut on top of the tension bolts. Will use locktight. Gonna start a sheath will post a pic when i'm done. Dwight do you make knives? Thanks for all the help and take care. TJ Smith
  4. I am having some problems with my tension. The bottom thread seems to be cutting into the leather a little. The manual instructions for the CB are the same for loosing as tightning. Yeah the same word for word. How can they do this.I am going to loosen the tension about a 1/4 turn at a time and see if this helps. Any ideas?
  5. The needle was about 1/8 turn off the 9 0clock position.Seems like it would miss every so often.
  6. Thanks Dwight I think the needle was the problem. I sewed 6 3-4 inches without any skipped stitches.
  7. Wow thank you guys. If i had known there was so much to this sewing machine stuff I would have just kept on hand stitching. I just finished a 4 inch stitch that looks pretty good. having a little difference with stitch length. But can live with that. Thanks again for your answers TJ Smith
  8. Just bought a cowboy outlaw. I am begining to think me and sewing machines aren't compatible. I have the length and tension pretty close to right but It keeps missing stitch every 2 to 3 inches. Any ideas or help. I am from Central WA. and am sewing 2- 3 layers of 8 ounce for knife sheaths.
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