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  1. Thank you 1. Constabulary and JJN re-referral eBay USA I have ordered from Wuhan China through eBay Canada one Binder Bracket Set. 2. Ensitmike re-fabrication level One-course intro-level welding (university). Basic understanding and two beginner welding projects. I do not own any welding equipment. Awaiting shipment.
  2. I am trying to make a binder for my 1341 since the V-type Binder is out of production. I have attached pics of 2 binders purchased - one directly from dealer 2nd amazon and info sheet on V-type Binder. What I have learned from the LW forum: Contact Kwokhing to purchase binders - KHF2, KHF3, KHF4 (depending on application). Question: How do I attach the binder?
  3. Thank you for helping me. update: Sewing machine working well with newly installed CSM1001 plus chain and peddle. Sewer - Learning to use the machine and finished three bags. Pics of the machine attached. I am trying to make a binder for my 1341 since the V-type Binder is out of production. What I have learned from the LW forum: Contact Kwokhing to purchase binders - KHF2, KHF3, KHF4 (depending on application). Question: How do I attach the binder? Question: Should I start a new topic? p
  4. Thank you both, Will reinstall the unit and post a longer video.
  5. Hi all Still, trying to figure out my new machine Kobe 1341 - purchased a Consew 1001 brushless servo with needle position. sewing just fine the needle is stopping where it should - just wondering should it be this wobbly? Linked a video of it in operation P
  6. hi kgg re: From the nameplate, the machine is from Japan, not China When I arrived at the dealers the machine was assembled and after testing was boxed. I clearly saw made in china on that box. Was that the original box? A few weeks ago I spoke to another dealer who told me all Juki machines are now made in China? Very confusing. Initially, all of my information came from utube and I was being utubed into buying a Sailrite. Really well presented but something just did not add up so I googled pros and cons Sailrite and my search result was leatherworker.net.
  7. hi kgg re: I didn't see a guide in the photos what style? If possible a picture would be nice. Will post pic. re: price did not include shipping - smart motor - needle position - laser guide
  8. Hi dikman re: Can't help wondering about the competency of the dealer who set that up........ Not incompetent. Maybe a little laziness which we are all guilty of
  9. hi Kgg, re: In my opinion it's just poor engineering to save the cost of a proper bearing, about a cent for the manufacturer. Yes, I agree. re: kgg's As a side note what was the approximate cost of the machine Total Cost - $2700 CA included -- machine, table, motor, light, 3 topstitch feet, 2 zipper feet, one pair of scissors, 2 spools of thread and a few tools plus replacement bracket extra $30.00 plus stitch guide extra $20.00
  10. Thank you kgg - re: The main question, did it sew correctly right out of the box? Yes, I live near the dealer he set it up and I tested it and it sewed well although I did feel a little resistance with the presser foot - moving forward to setting up at home the presser foot was awkward ie: I had to push my leg out quite far to get it to work. I tried tightening. (33T5-008 BRACKET made of cast iron) it craked so I returned to the dealer and purchased a new bracket made of stainless steel. re: try using only one point of connection of the plastic coated wire to the presser foot lift lever Okay, I will try that. Question: Is my current set-up for the presser foot lift uncommon and possibly problematic? Kind regards
  11. Hi all Thank you, Tom I will pay more attention to future post location. I just completed the fix and used a combo of all guidance. Pics attached. Enlarged hole and moved wire connection. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for getting back to me. Purchased the machine from Chris at Japan Sewing Machines. I did ask him for a speed reducer but he said I did not need one and he does not have any to sell. So now what? I found an engineering manual for the1341 on this platform but not the 341 which I believe this machine to be. I used this platform to do my research before purchasing from Chris - I knew enough to be a danger to myself. I came close to purchasing the Techsew 2750 again all information found here Thank you Bert and Wiz - will give it a try. Wiz the pedal bar and chain will be my next purchase. Does anyone know where a Canadian could purchase such a thing? Kind regards
  13. Hi all New to all of this fun. I have a new clone 341 Kobe? Problem - knee lift too tight - when using the knee lift the black bar connected to the knee lift is extremely difficult to move. (scratching paint off the machine) and the bolt connecting the knee lift pad spins. questions: 1. Can I fix this? I do not like the knee lift and would like an alternative to using it. Any suggestions.
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