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  1. hi all, got myself a new juki 1342 cylinder arm machine. When i tried it in store it all worked well, when the engineer brought it home, it all worked well. An you guessed it the min i'm on my own the dam stupid ***************! thing doesnt want to work. It keeps breaking the thread (135/138 or 20) bonded nylon, it is heavy thread! and i'm getting birds nests underneath. I have some experience, but mostly a newbie to industrial machines. I have a suspicion there's an "issue" with the bobbin thread loosening up / overwinding on the bobbin. Anyway i'm attaching pics for u to see. The birds nest on the red rubber is me trying to sew from the wrong side. I do have a video but the site wont upload it because of the size. I'm so pissed off and sad right now i dnt know if i shud cry or break something uuuuuuh!
  2. Also in terms of needle and thread i'm planning to use something on the border of medium & heavy weight; needle 160/23, thread tex 135 or there abouts
  3. Hi All I am a complete newbie in all aspects of industrial machines... so please bare with my ignorance, i'm on a 90 degree learning curve I sell gloves for wheelchair users, the glove is more of a wrist wrap with velcro, than a conventional glove with fingers. The point being it is flat when sewn. There are several layers involved: stretch cotton, 2mm soft leather, 2mm padding, 1mm synthetic leather and 3mm natural rubber. When i say this combination has proven a challenge to stitch for several cobblers i'm being polite! I ended up going to a saddler with a cb4500 and obviously that machine doesnt even sweat - it's like sewing thin air. However, i'ver reached the point where i need to take control of production and stop messing about with out sourcing, which brings me to my Juki issue. I have an offer of an ex showroom juki 1341 for £3500 and i know the juki 2342's are about £4500 plus. So, do i go with the older model, as i particularly prefer non-direct drive, as i need to adapt the machine for hand use only (because i use a wheelchair). Or do i spend more, get a newer machine and try program the buttons to use hands only? Is £3500 a good price for the 1341? is there anything else i'm not considering? I was thinking about the Adler 869... it's a beauty no doubt, but sadly i think out of my price range.
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