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  1. How you are able to make the black burnt part of engraving so dark? Do you applying anything over on leather after engraving?
  2. Thanks Matt for your valuable input. Umm yeah, you are right. Wiping off with a wipe quite dulls the engraving area and doesnt look good at all. I will try to install a air-assist. Any idea which one should I look for? I have a mini laser engraver. Thanks for your help. any recommendations for sealant? As I haven't used any yet so don't have idea. Thanks for your input though.
  3. Hi everyone, Has anyone tried CerMark or TherMark on leather with laser engraving? How does it go? Or any similar masking that we can use with laser engraving? I am looking for similar masking but not sure if it will go well on leather. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I am newbie here as well as with engraving. I have just done a engraving on my full grain leather wallet however I want to make the engraved part standout. The black burned leather is just getting light as I clean it with wipes. Any way I can enhance the engraving to make it stand out ? Any black color or something that I can apply that should enhance the engraved part but it shouldnt effect the non-engraved part? Picture attached. PS. In the attached picture, I haven't cleaned it after laser engraving yet with wet wipes as the black burned part spreads over when I move my finger on it. To get rid of it, I clean it with just wet wipes but that literally dulls the engraving (black part). That's why I need it make the engraving stand out. Many thanks for any help.
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