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  1. Nothing fancy just functional, I like the minimalist approach to what I carry, some cards and a little cash.
  2. Personally I am pleased with how this outfit turned out.
  3. Can it be returned if one is not satisfied with the product?
  4. Nothing fancy but it gave me a lot of good experience stitching. Just getting my feet wet and having a good time.
  5. What weight is the leather and where did you purchase it? I purchased some 3-4 oz. leather hoping to use it for wallets and card holders but it is to flimsy. I have much to learn about leather.
  6. Much happier with the results this time. I punched the holes on this one but in the future I will be using pricking irons and smaller needles and Tiger thread.
  7. I did not bother posting a pic of my first effort, it was really bad. One of my goals was to improve on my stitch. As hard as I tried to control my stitch in order for some consistency I just did not accomplish my goal. I have a couple of KS Pricking Irons headed my way and will be getting away from the straight stitch. I could have easily purchased a really nice holster and belt but there is something to be said for doing your own. What I have learned is that I have much to learn and I truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge and information that can be found here.
  8. Thanks for the tip, those are great videos!
  9. Perfect, thank you very much!!
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