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  1. Any idea how much it will run to ship to west Tn, 38358?
  2. Those Singer 1911's sure are tho. I'd love to have a pocketful of them One in particularly nice condition fetched over $400,000 a couple yrs ago.
  3. +1 on all points. As far as the eps, while I'm sure I wouldn't have removed it had one came pre-installed on my CB, I can tell you that with the control the servo - speed reducer gives me, I will never be installing one and think it could even become a "crutch". I don't expect a lot of eps's are finding their way into the shops of already experienced craftsmen's who have honed their stitching technique without such aids. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not leading any March against eps's, but for the expense they require, I'd much rather invest that $ in more tools / equipment. Cheers, Roger.
  4. Them damned subliminal needle codes had to be orchestrated by someone with a demonic sense of humor. My 1st attempt to order any needles other than the 2 sizes Bob included with my machine was a hairline changer.
  5. I fretted over this very issue after my edge guide was added. My 1st thought was to remove the stock collar with the set screw / hand lift knob, and turn an extension on the lathe. It's the kind of situation I would normally obsess over, but somehow, In the end, I just removed the handle, and it's become auto muscle memory now when I want to leave the foot up, I step on the foot pedal and give that collar quick spin by hand. With the foot lift engaged, there's really no tension on the collar & easy enough that I don't give it a thought anymore. If it bugs ya & you don't have access to a lathe, you may find a suitable spacer / sleeve with the correct inside diameter and tap it for the set screw & Handle. Cheers
  6. Does this model have a safety clutch that may have tripped?
  7. Ahh, well, I probably wouldn't worry as much about which brand of basically the same machine, as much as buying from a reputable dealer who has properly set the machine up, test sewn and will be available to take care of you after the sale. Good luck!
  8. My 4500 doesn't have the eps, but with the servo motor, speed reducer, I can easily stop the needle at any position, sew at an absolute crawl and speed up to any comfortable pace, but at full speed the machine will run faster than I care to sew anything. I'd say take the materials you normally work with and just experiment with each machine your interested in and buy what suits you best.
  9. Several models of most brand machines will have the eps, laser systems offered on the machines, usually for a more premium price. You can review the specs of each model your interested in and decide if it's worth the upcharge. As far as the speed reducer, and especially if this is your 1st industrial machine, it offers a couple advantages, obviously you will have better control also the gear reduction improves the penetrating torque 3 fold. As far as clones go, I'm a Cowboy fan because that's what I purchased and Bob at Toledo Industrial is well known for customer service, otherwise I expect probably not a tremendous amount of performance differential between the name brands. BTW, The vendors at the top of this page are top notch and can assist you and help guide you towards a machine to match any needs you may have. Cheers
  10. mmirob, I live in West Tn, (Milan) I've been keeping an eye out for a decent splitter, as well as other equipment, tho as tempting as this is, I'm not sure I can justify the expense of one as nice as this for mostly hobby work. I have just bought a CB4500 and so am good for heavy work, but am also in the market for another compound feed machine for lighter work and If you care to let me know as you list any tools or equipment you decide to sell, I'd appreciate it I'm likely only a bit more than an hours drive away and regularly visit family in middle TN (Sumner Co). I visit this site fairly regularly and if you'd like to email me it's, bandsawyer.rb@gmail.com Thank you, Roger Bivins
  11. +1 And spitballing here, but if the belt added would require anything like the tension on my 4500, it would certainly need those heavy duty bearings & mount casting for sufficient anchoring.
  12. It sounds like you have been extremely fortunate in finding the right machine for you for a great price. Before I decided to buy new, I was about to load up a used Juki 341, which I think is, for all intents and purposes, basically the same machine as that 227, and would have been paying $1300 US for it with a new servo motor and speed reducer, however, while test sewing, I jambed the shuttle up & released the safety clutch. Being green as a gourd, I feared there was a problem with the machine and passed on it. I elected to purchase new for my 1st machine to avoid any hair pulling frustrations and drove a 20 hr round trip to buy directly from Bob at Toledo and have no regrets. Now that I have some experience with the machine, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a good used machine for the light work and have even considered buying the Juki I passed on before so yes sir if it's in working condition at all Id say $300 is a great deal. Enjoy!
  13. Also, the cylinder arm offers some versatility and much easier to make bags ect on and you can easily make or add a removable table to slip over the arm for the benefits of a flat bed machine. I have a cb4500 which is also a cylinder arm machine, but not so good for the lighter work. It sounds like this might be a good fit for you assuming the machine in good working order, even tho you may possibly need to add a servo motor - speed reducer. Cheers, Roger
  14. I can't offer nearly as much wisdom as the other members here, but as someone who regularly checks CL for machine deals, I would probably run out of my boots getting to that Consew for $300.
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