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  1. I had a money clip from patriot (the electric cattle fence company) that was a wallet on the inside with horizontal card holders but was also a money clip. I never made a money clip I would always make roper wallets because I could hold a bunch of cards. But I liked the look so I took a stab at trying to make one with some tooling on the outside pocket.
  2. I’d love to use brass but it was expensive compared to metal. But a lot of people use brass and aluminum, I kept melting the ring before it could get hot enough so I switched to steel. The whole thing is static and the only part that swivels is the ring on top. Wich I Drilled and tapped a 3mm hole in the 1/4 rod that goes into the ring. Then I used a small flat head screw To hold the bearing and turned it flush with the lathe. Then used lock-tite to glue it into the ring .
  3. the barrel is 5/8, (I made one in 1/2 in also works the same) and the hole drilled through it was 1/4. the rod that goes inside the barrel is 1/4 and the bearings I picked up a long time ago on amazon they are called mini bearings (I think the size was 3mmx6mmx2.5mm the bearings where just a hair bigger than the 1/4 rod). the saddle I used a 1 1/4 rod and drilled it out till I can get a lathe tool to increase the hole diameter. the tube that holds the bearings is 3/8 rod drilled for the bearings I believe i used a 1/8 drill bit. the set screws I picked up where 10-32 but I would probably use 6-32. I used oxy-acetylene torch and bronze brazing rod with flux to braze the tube for the bearings and the saddle together. If I forgot any measurements let me know -Matthew
  4. Hi, I made a purse using a saddle bag style template i had and was wondering how much i should price this at? any suggestions?
  5. I did carve with it yesterday and it worked just fine, just a well as some I have bought.
  6. I enjoy the ring more, especially since its hard to find a knife that fits my finger. I did think of TIG but its a little pricey to convert my welder.
  7. I finished another swivel knife and I am starting to get the hang of things. this one spins a whole bunch better than the last, it spins for a pretty good while. I tried bronze brazing this time and I like it better than mig welding and melting the saddle and warping things. I made a 5/8 barrel since my hands are not small at all.
  8. for the swivel I press fitted a bearing into that tube then welded the tube to the saddle( inside the loop is where I welded it, I drilled hole all the way through) then turned the inside till it was flush.
  9. some mini metric sized bearing from amazon i think it was around 2.5-4mm. the blade is one I borrowed off another knife to see if it the saddle spins smooth when carving.
  10. yeah its steel, its pretty heavy which pushed me to try aluminum, Also the aluminum will cut a lot smoother.
  11. its adjustable there is a set screw on the other side of the knife.
  12. HI, I made a swivel knife on a mini lathe I bought a long time ago. It need a better finish but I am happy with how it turned out and works. I have some aluminum lying around I want to try this on, any suggestions? -Matt
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