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  1. I hate going though my hobby knife blades and or using my Cricut Maker to cut my projects. So I made my own pattern knife. So I decided to make my own knife. Those flimsy hobby knife blades are a thing of the past. I cut the knife from high strength steel, heat treated it and apply scales made of 9oz. leather. This cuts like a dream, much more comfortable to hold and has a single bevel for a nice clean cut.
  2. I am trying to get a better understanding the differences between Bonded Nylon and Bonded Polyester. I have #92 Bonded Polyester that seems to have some stiffness to it and some #138 Bonded Nylon and it seems to be very soft and frays easily. Besides the size and physical makeup of the two threads. Why is one stiff and the other soft? Is that how it is suppose to be? Is there a #138 that has some stiffness to it? Seems to work better in the sewing machine. Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. I am considering a Reliable Barracuda for some light leather work and from time to time I will need to use V138 Thread. I know that when I can order a Barracuda that is modified to run the 138 thread. Does any one know what this modification consists of?
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