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  1. Fred, thank you! I will do some research on these finishes. Sounds very promising. Thank you so much!! Really appreciate your time!!
  2. Fred, thank you so much. I am used to working with veg tan but these seemed like they were a little more flexible. That being said I haven’t worked with anything as this as is being suggested. Thank you. Any thoughts on finishes?
  3. Hello, Long time lurker first time poster. Learned a lot from hanging out with this community. Thank you very much. Quick question. I have only worked with Veg tan leathers and on smaller projects. I want to tackle a little larger project but not sure what type of leather was used for these two bags. Does anyone have any ideas on why type of leather and thickness? I realize that both of these leathers may be different or have different treatments. Thank you for any suggestions, really appreciate any insight the group may have. Ringo
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