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  1. 24602

    Juki 1341 clutch play

    Thanks again. I’ll keep working on it. I cycled 15-20 times today. Should have oil in all the spaces so we’ll see in the coming days. BTW the belt on your 341 is much wider than the one on my 1341. Normal?
  2. 24602

    Juki 1341 clutch play

    Is it acceptable to pop it using the button and hand wheel?
  3. 24602

    Juki 1341 clutch play

    The safety clutch seems to functuon fine once it gets fully reset. The issue is that it only half way resets with button and hand wheel which is the condition at the start of this next clip. When the tab is fully engaged it stitches just fine. Sewed nearly an entire shoe with no issue. Any input on why it requires a screwdriver to complete the reset?
  4. 24602

    Juki 1341 clutch play

    Here is how inset mine up. The table I ended up with won’t really accommodate the speed reducer underneath. I tightened the belt such that as the machine tips back to the base the belt comes tight. Very much more and it would not settle onto the base. The belt has about a 1/2” deflection in the center. HTH michael
  5. 24602

    Juki 1341 clutch play

    Sorry, yeah, I was trying to upload the videos directly to LW and kept shrinking thinking I could get small enough to get under the size limit. When I realized i needed to utube them i forgot to put the longer version up. I appreciate the dealer advice, however, one of the perils of living in the rural western states of the USA is the lack of many services (ie. No dealer for many many miles.). So I’m often left with dealing across the many miles without the luxury of in person assistance. I will certainly contact the dealer i bought from but also am the type to try and fugure things out. I will shoot another video to show the clutch engagement or lack thereof. thanks again!
  6. 24602

    Juki 1341 clutch play

    I spent so time pondering and poking around the levers and discovered the mechanism is sticky. When I reset the clutch it does not go all the way into place on its own. I pushed a little on it and it popped into place. So now the question is: why? Seems it should fully engage when the clutch reset is done. Oh the joys of learning a new machine. any thoughts on the ‘sticky’ motion on this type of safety clutch? michael
  7. I bought a used 1341 and it doesn’t want to stitch consistantly. It be ok for a bit then start tripping the clutch after 2,3,4 stitches. It seems to me there is alot of play in the clutch but I’m rather new to this sort of thing so I’ll pitch it to y’all. Shot a couple short videos to show what is going on. After watching Uwe’s clutch video it looks to me the clutch is not fully engaging the slot in the shaft. As always any help is much appreciated!! michael
  8. 24602

    Looking For Singer 153-101

    Email sent
  9. 24602

    Adler 30-70 advice

    So the cool little cover is repaired. A little sitching (thanks to a bored mother-in-law) and couple pieces of duct tape on the inside. Love the novelty of the original items. They probably don’t mean alot but I think it’s cool they are still with the machine.
  10. 24602

    Adler 30-70 advice

    That’s a nifty stand!! Is that an Adler original? Thinking to motorize. Thoughts on the best way to go about it? really getting attached to this machine. Threaded it with some 207ish (might even be a little bigger) and it stitched really nice!!
  11. 24602

    Where to buy pigskin lining ?

    Hide house
  12. 24602

    Adler 30-70 advice

    What do you do with it? I normally would not have chosen it but it was too good of a deal to pass up.
  13. 24602

    Adler 30-70 advice

    Likely unrelated but i have no idea. These two paddles were in the boxes of stuff. Any idea what they are and what they do.
  14. 24602

    Adler 30-70 advice

    So the sticky point is gone. The butterfly turns smooth all the way around. Cleaned up the wd-40, oiled, threaded, and stitched a decent stitch. Will work on tensions and larger thread possibilities. It does have the second set of tensioning discs that the manual said was subclass for heavier thread. The treadle belt is a little loose so will need to trim and tighten that up. A little more show and tell: Original plastic cover. Prety good shape other than the stitching has let go. Will hand sew it back together. Adler oil bottle. I’m assuming this was the test stitching from the factory. I think it says: Nachkodrolle 3. Can’t make out the letters between the o and r very well. Also seems like it was sewn off with fairly heavy thread. Didn’t realize what this was til just a few minutes ago.
  15. 24602

    Adler 30-70 advice

    Treasure finds are so fun!