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  1. I see that I am not much concerned about what other people and companies are doing. I am interested in what I am doing. If more people are not interested in leather working ----- I don't care. If companies dont promote products for leather working ----- I dont care. Other people don"t influence what I do or how I feel about my activities. The state of lratherwork and leather supplies and leather products are not my problem. I study quantum computing, bee behaviour in my back yard, sewing, leather. My education, my motivation, my experiences ... define me and are what make me happy.
  2. I have been googling for coverage of feiblings pro dye. No luck. I am preparing to return to my home in the dominican republic from NC and I want to stock-up here. Whether from experience or from Feiblings I welcome your comments. Tom
  3. TomMeyers

    Saddle Stitch

    Thank you everyone. You have each contributed to my understanding and thus to the quality of my work. Tom
  4. TomMeyers

    Saddle Stitch

    I have tried saddle stitching and watched videos of others. The movements involved are tuned to reduce excess movements and speed the process and produce uniform stitching. Because I am inherently lazy I tried to find an easier way thus: Is a saddle stitch the same as sewing from one end to the other and then sewing back to the start end? What is lost? I thought maybe there is a risk of piercing the first thread when returning but if the first is in its final position then there is no consequence. Some stitching attempts to eliminate that by pushing the first needle but not the thread before inserting the second needle. Others depend on accurately piercing.
  5. I bought some 2nd hand mens belts just for the buckles. I disassembled them to study the materials and method. Here are the 4 different types I found: 1) outside top grain with thin lining next to body. 2) top grain outside unlined 3) outside thin lining top grain next to body 4) outside thin lining, inside bonded leather, thin lining next to body #3 was a surprise that offers the opportunity to use chrome tan and colorful outside with top grain strength. The edge of the top grain had been machine skived to reduce the force needed to sew the edges. Summary: cheap buckles from 2nd hand; interesting sandwich for beauty and strength if not tooling the top grain.