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  1. I double checked: inkscape can output in dxf format. Here is a link with some info. Download inkscape it is free. Tom
  2. Frodo, from a paper drawing? Lines? How about a photo of it. I would use inkscape. Free and easy. Tom
  3. Thanks, I have a diode laser engraver and I never thought it could shape plastic. I have used it to cut leather and engrave leather. I am going to try the plastic. Tom 5 w diode Lasergrbl Fusion 360 Thank you
  4. I agree: it should be shame on me! If I submitted to begging.
  5. I have used my laser engraver eleksmaker and a low power 5w laser to cut and engrave veg tan. It went well. Chrome tan is not recommended because of fumes. To cut I made multiple passes.
  6. Is the groove on the flesh side or gusset; I don't see it. Tom
  7. Thank you, everyone, for your replies. I am now going to try that.
  8. OK, i better get started!!! Ow ouch ow ouch ... aaaaah Thanks, Tom
  9. I saw a video of a saddle stitch being done while the person sewing could only see one side and feel the other side. It was a handbag. Is there a trick to this? Something that minimizes the number of times i poke my finger. That person sewing passed the two needles in the hole. It appeared that he used a fine needle. He seemed to insert one needle and used that to find the hole for tje second (inside) needle. Thanks, Tom
  10. I agree with spyros . Get the most you can and price at the market price of similar products. So know your competition. If that price is too low for you then get out of that market. Sk there is a use for costs but it is not for setting price. Cost plus pricing is erroneous; market price is reality. (MBA '83) Your work is very! Nice. I would have punched the holes into the pattern rather than by measure.
  11. I recommend you put a tab of leather across the bottom of the closed zipper and in front of that sew an X on the teeth. The tab will hang off the end a little but give you the space to open fhe case. I use that in purse making. The other end can be finished the same or just sewn to the leather. One side of zipper to one side of leather. ...
  12. There is an up and down of the tape. The dome should be pointing up when zipping (up). Yours are not.
  13. I bought a 2ft by 2ft scrap of dyed leather. Attractive color (dark burgundy) 2-3 mm soft. I worked with to make a bracelet; skived, burnished edge, machine stitched, folded. All went well it was a little spongy, burnished ok but not real shiney, easy sewing. Didn't seem to work well with my bag kote. It is bonded and has no fibers. Whst has been your experience with bonded leather for working and durability? I may use it in a purse. Anything that might help me purchase, work and sell in a purse product? Thanks, Tom
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