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  1. I bought a 2ft by 2ft scrap of dyed leather. Attractive color (dark burgundy) 2-3 mm soft. I worked with to make a bracelet; skived, burnished edge, machine stitched, folded. All went well it was a little spongy, burnished ok but not real shiney, easy sewing. Didn't seem to work well with my bag kote. It is bonded and has no fibers. Whst has been your experience with bonded leather for working and durability? I may use it in a purse. Anything that might help me purchase, work and sell in a purse product? Thanks, Tom
  2. I am sewing a woman's tote bag with 3-4 oz chrome tan. I want to know if i can use chrome tan for the straps too. They will be folded length'wise to cover the flesh side and glued + sewn. 2 straps, each about 2 feet long I am not sure about their strength. Maybe i need to embed web. Your thoughts please.
  3. Today i saw an electric rotary cutter being used for fabric and advertised for leather too. Does anyone have experience with an electric rotary cutter? Tom
  4. My awl has a nice small feature: a dent in the wood handle that I use to push my needle. Also, the point is fine enough that I can use it to pull the needle eye to get a tight needle through; gently so I dont break the needle with the awl.
  5. ZRM&E 30pcs 12mm Handbag Bottom... Amazon one day shipping available.
  6. Check out video by hahns atelier https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.pinterest.com/pin/415527503119625540/&ved=2ahUKEwiLkpjbqNjrAhVHx1kKHfHQDpg4KBCjtAEwB3oECAMQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0ZhtbiB4dDU8RSCRLXj3aw
  7. I first recommend you use leather needles they are shaped like a spear and accommodate more thread along the shaft. You will need to limit thread to #69 118 needle recommended. A walking foot is available for that 4452. There is also a nonstick teflon foot. The 44xxs have a rapidly accelerating stitch speed you can adjust that some by changing the setting in the foot control. Usually for fabric the foot pressure is not adjusted you may find the need For belt seam allowance you may want to use a magnetic guide. Tom
  8. Nice work. I see nothing to change.
  9. Even without lining I think that maybe, s stitching can make a belt more interesting and less likely to deform. Lining helps of course. Thoughts?
  10. I see that I am not much concerned about what other people and companies are doing. I am interested in what I am doing. If more people are not interested in leather working ----- I don't care. If companies dont promote products for leather working ----- I dont care. Other people don"t influence what I do or how I feel about my activities. The state of lratherwork and leather supplies and leather products are not my problem. I study quantum computing, bee behaviour in my back yard, sewing, leather. My education, my motivation, my experiences ... define me and are what make me happy.
  11. I have been googling for coverage of feiblings pro dye. No luck. I am preparing to return to my home in the dominican republic from NC and I want to stock-up here. Whether from experience or from Feiblings I welcome your comments. Tom
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