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  1. Thanks I'll look into it some more. I'll call a tannery and see what they can do. Thanks again Greg
  2. Hi Can deer skin be tanned similar to 2.0 to 2.5 oz. vegtan leather? I'm looking to make wallets out of deer leather. The only deer leather I can find is soft and doesn't have enough body. I have a source for deer but need to know if I can get it tanned like I need. Thanks Greg
  3. Hi Thanks a lot! This looks like it will do the trick. Do you use contact cement to attach it to other leather? Thanks again Greg
  4. Hi I have some deer leather that was chrome tanned. But it is very soft not very stiff like veg tan. I want to make wallets out of the deer. Is there a way to stiffen the deer leather? Thanks Greg
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