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  1. To give this post some conclusion ill share what my fixes where. 1) my stich length was off because I had the needle bar rock frame bracket to tight, this was not letting the needle travel freely with the feed dogs 2) I also had a tension problem, after about 10 stitches it would birds nest on bottom and cause a giant mess. I traced this back to my aftermarket tension assembly. The thread was pulling out of the tension disks. I assume the disks in the new unit are inferior to the old. To fix I simply reused the old tension disks on the new assembly. Now the machine seems to be fine and ive learned a hell of a lot about this 111w153. Thank you all for the help
  2. I think the timing is indeed off although the marks line up at the proper position. The needle and the feed dogs do not appear to be in sync with each other. looks like the feed dog may be advanced a little in relation to the needle. Observing the operation on my 211w151 the needle and feed dogs move in perfect unison with each other. On the 111w153 when the needle meets the feed dog it is centered in the hole, as the feed dogs begin to travel back the needle is at the very front ( towards operator ) of the hole. No needle strike but its close.
  3. I've tore this thing down probly 6-7 times top and bottom, no matter what I do I still get 6spi. Im thinking worn parts maby? Timing is good the arrows line up, take up lever at the top, feed dogs all the way forward. Pressure feet have the same lift, and middle foot reaches material at the same time as the needle. Stitch length indicator on 5 does 6spi, stitch indicator on 6 does 6 spi, indicator on 7 does 7 ect,ect . sews great, just at 6 spi or shorter
  4. I know it has no reverse I just bye accident noticed when turning the hand wheel backwards (no thread) in reverse it punched hole in my paper @ 5 spi . Same paper, again no thread, it was a perfect 6 spi..in forward....So to summarize, if i turn the hand wheel backwards (no thread, just paper) it will punch 5spi in the paper, and 6spi forward.
  5. Well I think I have narrowed it down to feed dog timing. When turning the hand wheel in reverse the middle foot and feed dogs are in sync, when turning the hand wheel forward it seems the feed dogs travel a bit further back in relation to the middle foot and needle, if that makes since.
  6. First off i wanted to thank everyone for helping me with these old machines this forum is great! I just got my 111w153 last week timed it all up thanks to Uwes videos. Sews great at 6spi threw pretty much anything I through at it, but I can not get 5 spi no matter what. Now here is the odd part. Testing on paper and turning the hand wheel backwards it will punch perfect holes at 5 spi, forward and its a solid 6, im stumped. Feed eccentric has been snugged up,everything cleaned and oiled, runs smooth. Pressure feet seem to be moving like they should ect.
  7. That brochure is really cool, but doesnt really help much. Im gonna go ahead and pick this machine up for 200. Its a walking foot and will compliment my 211w151 nicely i think. Im a hobbyist and mostly doing marine viynl and canvas stuff for my own boat. My gut says its probly a 111w152 but really have no way to tell just know it is a walking foot and can do 5spi so that narrows it down a bit. Attached a crappy pic of it
  8. Hello folks, I have a 111w something for sale locally that is missing the identification badge. Was wondering if there was another way to id this machine. I know its not a 155 because when i looked at it the stitch length only goes to 5 and its my understanding the 155 will do 3.5 spi. Its a decent machine overall for 200 with a crappy table. Owner has no idea what model it is either. It is a walking foot model
  9. Was wondering if any of you guys had a good trick to get the camshaft free on the bobbin case opener. Ive loosened the two set screws on the opener drive gear but the camshaft seems to be froze. Ive tried penetrating oil but its not budging.
  10. I think i have it set close, there is a fair bit of resistance when changing stitch length not real hard but doesn't feel loose either. I really cant complain much i love tinkering with stuff and i picked this machine up for 150 complete with table and motor. The clutch motor is kinda fun to use, im no stranger to a standard transmission in cars. Cant wait till a decent walking foot machine pops up for a good price in my area. Im waiting on new parts to arrive then ill update this post, thank you CowboyBob for your insight and help.
  11. Any suggestions to get it more consistent at stitching 5spi? My old singer 15-91 sews 5 spi better than than this 211w151 atm. I did modify the 15-91 to achieve 5spi but it was pretty simple just have to grind down a few parts.
  12. Well after some tinkering with the feed dog hight and messing around with the feed eccentric (loosened everything up and cleaned some more) it will sew 5 spi not as consistent as id like but its a start. Thank you Cowboybob it was pretty easy as you said to get the stitch indicator ligned up right.
  13. No sir and its set to 17/32 with no feed movement
  14. Thanks for the reply! Ill be using this machine for marine canvas stuff mostly, my test material has been two layers of duck cloth. Last night i did try a piece of cardboard and its still a solid 6 spi thats with the stich selector rotated all the way towards me untill it locks again and reads 0 on the wheel.
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