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  1. Turbotexas, I thought about reducing the speed and keeping it but someone told me that it can be finicky if run slow. Did you have any trouble after reducing the speed?
  2. For sale: 1x clicker press Pederson Hi-Low model 272m ($2,500) 1x clicker press Herman Schwabe model D 25 ton ($3,000) Both are running and I am currently still using the Pederson once in a while. I am selling because I currently have 3 clickers and I only need one. These machines are extremely heavy and buyer will have to come get them or make arrangements. I can get a forklift here to move it on to a trailer in needed. Let me know if you need more details and I will try to reply promptly. Price: $2,500 and $3,500 or best offer. Location: in my shop in Laredo, TX.
  3. My name is Mike Kirkpatrick. I run a small family holster company in Laredo, TX. I've had this Union Lock-Stitch since the 80's. I love the machine but, compared to others, it is too difficult to train people on. I hate to sell it but I probably only used it 20 times in the last 20 years. I currently need more space and am selling any equipment I am not using. It runs great and makes a beautiful stitch both front and back. If you have been considering a Union Lock-Stitch this is a great one. If you have any questions on the machine I will do my best to answer. Also, I can send a video of it sewing leather if you need. Asking price: $3000 or best offer. Location: My shop in Laredo, TX I don't know what it will cost to ship but I am willing to build a nice crate for it if you pay the shipping.
  4. Yes, still for sale. Sent you a PM. Thanks.
  5. Rebinder, Sent you a message. Yes still for sale. Thanks, MIke K
  6. I purchased this Cobra leather splitter brand new about 5 years ago. Got it as a backup to my band splitter but ended up not needing it. It is a great machine and splits leather very well. I only used the machine a couple of times to make sure it worked. I am selling because I am trying to make some room in our shop. I am also selling a few other machines I am not using and will post them soon. Asking $2250.00 or best offer. I am located in Laredo TX,
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