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  1. Hello! Are there any concho/hardware suppliers other than SX Industries and the typical retail sites (conchos.com, etc) that people use?
  2. Hi Bob, I’m looking for a roller presser foot that will fit my old Consew 225. Can you help? Thanks, Tracy 

    1. CowboyBob


      Hello,I'm sorry they don't make one that will fit on a walking foot machine like yours.

  3. I’ve heard that casing the leather helps with the soot. Anyone tried this?
  4. I have a Consew 225 I’m willing to trade/part trade for the right deal. It comes with a servo motor, larger head unit pulley/smaller servo pulley for ultra slow speed. I just want something newer. I’m located in SW Washington.
  5. I’m brand new to this site and a newbie to leatherwork. I have a line on a Consew 224 on CL for $600. Can it handle up to two layers of 8-10oz veg tan leather for things like horse tack, spur straps, etc? Are there any mods I would need to make? I also found a Singer 111W100 for around $300. Same questions as before. I’ve been doing my research but again, I’m still new and any advice would be most appreciated.
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