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  1. thats really helpfully thansk Thank you very much !
  2. I don't know whats the name of this vehicle's colour. please help me if you know where can I find this type of colour cow leather. Thank you very much ~
  3. yeah! its looks good eh I find that on website, its 200usd thanks
  4. I need tool storage for my stuff. and can't find the name of this. I'm not a native English speaker. Someone, please tell me whats the name of this? Thank you very much
  5. Thank you ! yes I will for sure. I will update more pics tmr.Thank you Thank you thank you Thank you !
  6. its only one layer of the leather, not really good look inside.lol Thank you very much ~ Thank you very much the designer is making that now .thank you very much
  7. What do you think about my leatherwork name, please advise! Thank you very much !
  8. here is my heating tools bought in china. same as the France one, heat faster and even. the best parts are the price is way cheaper than the france one. all these heating heads are around 30$ each.
  9. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! what is diving watch ?sorry im not native speaker
  10. Thank you! do you mind if telling me how did you put your Instagram on there.
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